On the cat breeders list you will find links to catteries all over the world. When you have a cattery you can add your cattery to the list by clicking here. Currently 4894 catteries are listed.


Abyssinian 90

American Bobtail 15

American Curl 55

American Polydactal 11

American Shorthair 14

American Wirehair 2

Asian 6

Australian Mist 11

Australian Tiffanies 5

Balinese 35

Bambino 4

Bengal 343

Birman 154

Bombay 17

Brazilian Shorthair 2

British Shorthair 339

Burmese 71

Burmilla 21

Chantilly/Tiffany 1

Chartreux 3

Chausies 1

Cornish Rex 50

Cymric 4

Desert Lynx 9

Devon Rex 46

Egyptian Mau 15

European Burmese 10

Exotic Shorthair 248

Foldex 4

Havana Brown 7

Highland Lynx 9

Highlander 15

Himalayan 245

Japanese Bobtail 9

Javanese 4

Jungle Curl 1

Korat 21

Kurilian Bobtail 9

LaPerm 23

Maine Coon 510

Manx 18

Minskin 1

Munchkin 41

Napoleon 14

Norwegian Forest Cat 88

Not listed 3

Ocicat 23

Oriental Longhair 6

Oriental Shorthair 79

Persian 672

Peterbald 19

Pixie-Bob 42

Polydactyl 8

RagaMuffin 15

Ragdoll 407

Russian Blue 40

Safari 3

Savannah 106

Scottish Fold 81

Selkirk Rex 44

Serengeti 3

Serval 3

Siamese 165

Siberian Cat 200

Singapura 16

Skookum 1

Snow-Bob 4

Snowshoe 4

Sokoke 5

Somali 15

Sphynx 232

Thai Cats 6

Thai Lilac 1

Tibetan Cats 3

Tonkinese 21

Toyger 6

Traditional Siamese 17

Turkish Angora 23

Turkish Van 20

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Abyssinian catteries

number of catteries 90
Cairocats Australia Queensland
Cenglow Australia Queensland
Kittykatz Australia Queensland
Shayba Silver Abyssinians Australia Queensland
Merindalee Australia Victoria
Osiris(v) Abyssinians Australia Victoria
alure abyssinians Australia Western Australia
Glenmaulyn Australia Western Australia
Hitaga and Taliz Abyssinians Cattery


Western Australia
At Hitaga and Taliz Abyssinians we breed friendly, healthy cats and kittens in Perth, Western Australia. We are located in the picturesque Perth hills and breed in a range of colours including tawny, cinnamon and silver.
website   email
Kimara Australia Western Australia
Abayomi Canada British Columbia
Gato Bay Canada British Columbia
Hopscotch Canada British Columbia
Cats of Pellburn Canada New Brunswick
Abylayne Canada Nova Scotia
Eszencia Canada Nova Scotia
Glendoveer Canada Ontario
Glendoveer Abyssinians & Bengals Canada Ontario
Albychats Canada Quebec
Felinexpress Canada Quebec
FELIS-AURATA Czech Republic
Rosa Glauca Czech Republic
Chatterie D'Addis Abeba France
Prométhé France
Abiyata Germany
Spotted Dream Germany
von der Loreley Germany
von Quiomme Germany
Halloween-Cat's Hungary
Hotchocolate Hungary
Mazoji Arka Lithuania
TESANEE Lithuania
Seelah Maew Netherlands
Valandil Netherlands
Abyrose New Zealand
Exodus New Zealand
Kemenkat New Zealand
Ramazotti Cats New Zealand
Zahari New Zealand
Belvoire Poland
"Buraby's Sharm" Russia
O`Marmalade (Orange Marmelad) Russia
Oksana Lapshina Ukraine
Abychat United Kingdom
Ameeka United Kingdom
Badsworth United Kingdom
Cougarcat United Kingdom
Makeitso United Kingdom
Merrydancer Cats United Kingdom
Saladin United Kingdom
Abytopia USA California
Bastis USA California
Fin Bheara USA California
Hillstblues USA California
Etude USA Colorado
Bearbrook Abyssinians USA Florida
Stringapurrs USA Florida
Wildkatz USA Florida
Aksum Abyssinians USA Georgia
Aksum Abyssinians Cattery


Adorable Abyssinian kittens available from show hobby breeder. International Winner lines. Written contract with health guarantee and genetic health guarantee. Health guarantee also includes FIP, FeLV, FIV negative, and ringworm free. Ruddy, blue, cinnamon, fawn, chocolate, lilac Champion colors available.
website   email
Leotie USA Illinois
Silver Purrs 'N Paisley Paws USA Illinois
Windy City Cats USA Illinois
Prairie Home USA Kansas
Dimondcatz USA Kentucky
FoxBluff USA Kentucky
Red Ferne USA Kentucky
Sunbright Cats USA Montana
JanDal USA New Jersey
Abyroad USA New York
cedarwood USA New York
Highgait's Paws USA New York
Imzadi USA New York
Loxly USA New York
UnKamen USA New York
Alexy Abyssinians USA North Carolina
Apelsinam USA North Carolina
Purr-L-Harbor USA Ohio
Spiritcat USA Tennessee
Cheetara USA Texas
Cougars Den USA Texas
Desert Cattails USA Texas
Desert Cattails USA Texas
Abicatz USA Washington
Aimer Satin Dolls USA Wisconsin
Aby Adikt USA Wyoming

American Bobtail catteries

number of catteries 15
Hawaiianbobs Germany
Aloeway USA California
Attitude Acres USA California
Catalons USA California
Paradise Ranch USA Florida
MuttonChops USA Georgia
Jabocats USA Illinois
Nachrel Bobtail USA Kentucky
Ozbobz USA Missouri
Beloved USA New Jersey
BuckeyeBobbis USA Ohio
Purrfect Passions USA Ohio
Tsalagi USA Oklahoma
Autum Sun USA Tennessee
NiteSongs USA Tennessee

American Curl catteries

number of catteries 55
CurlingLight Belarus
Chatterie de Catouchat Belgium
Curls Fantasy Belgium
De Catouchat Belgium
de la Bruyère Belgium
du croissant de lune Belgium
Du Domaine D'Orlando Belgium
Krullekesbende Belgium
Silverstars Belgium
Some Kind of Magic Belgium
HR *Zeta Leonis Croatia
DanishDesign Denmark
siriuksen Finland
Paladija Germany
Curl House Hong Kong
Petrus Hong Kong
SnowStepz Hong Kong
Yatfung Hong Kong
Yocurl Hong Kong
Nostri Vincent Latvia
Mount Ophir Malaysia
Morning Star Netherlands
RainbowCurls Netherlands
The Cute Cuddly Cat Netherlands
Blue Eminence Poland
CharmingCurl Russia
Exclusive cats Russia
Exclusive cats Russia
PointoCurl Russia
PrimeCurl Russia
RussiCurl Russia
Shinning Curl Russia
Emmanuel Singapore
Samoa Gem's South Africa
Ortalion's Sweden
RoseCurl Sweden
du Monde Perdu Switzerland
Of Castle Curls Switzerland
Sugar Curl Thailand
Curland Ukraine
Tiger Sun Ukraine
BamaCurls USA Alabama
BDCats USA California
Curl Essence USA California
Earesistible USA California
PlatinumPurr USA Connecticut
TerreGale USA Maine
Krazy Curls USA New Hampshire
Copacurlbana USA New Jersey
Procurl Harem USA New York
TerreGale USA New York
DreamCurls USA Ohio
Medieval USA Pennsylvania
Sarcenet USA Texas

American Polydactal catteries

number of catteries 11
Meadow Creek USA Alabama
Pasadena Polys USA California
Polys & Purrs USA Indiana
Prairie Lane USA Iowa
Sevin Farms USA Louisiana
Historical Paws USA Michigan
Preston's Polys USA Missouri
Fern Creek USA Oregon
Karma Farm USA Texas
Cow-Toes USA Washington
J&J Polys USA Washington

American Shorthair catteries

number of catteries 14
Amyparadise Japan
Clowntown USA California
Melodygarden USA California
Schooner USA California
PlatinumPurr USA Connecticut
Calla USA Georgia
Mericat USA Georgia
Bayouash USA Louisiana
Russellers USA Louisiana
Pilgrim Paws USA New Hampshire
Cacao USA Texas
TicklesTale USA Texas
Kelloggs USA Washington
Emerald Forrest USA Wisconsin

American Wirehair catteries

number of catteries 2
Ortalion Sweden
NordicSun USA California

Asian catteries

number of catteries 6
Oppidum Ubiorum Netherlands
Kimani cats United Kingdom
Kinabalu Cats United Kingdom
Rushbrooke United Kingdom
Teignage United Kingdom
Bes USA Oregon

Australian Mist catteries

number of catteries 11
Artumblom Australia New South Wales
Buttonwood Australia New South Wales
Hastur Australia New South Wales
Momur Australia Victoria
Nintu Australia Victoria
Satu Australia Western Australia
Silverado Australia Western Australia
Ayudamist Australian Mists United Kingdom
Ozinuk United Kingdom
RoZeeCoonZ United Kingdom
Rumtumtugger United Kingdom

Australian Tiffanies catteries

number of catteries 5
Aaralyn Australia New South Wales
ChrisCrash Australia New South Wales
Kaamari-Katz Australia New South Wales
Kurrannulla Australia New South Wales
Shantinga Australia New South Wales

Balinese catteries

number of catteries 35
Jewel Cats Australia Queensland
Kings of Siam Canada Ontario
Thai Dye Canada Ontario
de l'allee du roi France
Anderwelt Germany
Klaas-Points Germany
Mirrormere Germany
vom Suedstern Germany
roquira Netherlands
Gunung Mas Netherlands
Kirazamber Netherlands
Mundilfari Netherlands
Quasana Netherlands
Release Netherlands
(N)Bekmørtnans Norway
of blue Moon Switzerland
Adajan United Kingdom
Cheraga Bengals United Kingdom
Cattails USA California
Onscat USA California
To-Pher USA California
Montessori Cats USA Florida
SiamBaliRags USA Florida
Never a Quiet Moment USA Illinois
BluesCats USA Massachusetts
Permes Cats USA Michigan
Thai Dee Maew USA Michigan
Cann-Dee-Apples USA New Hampshire
Love of Thai USA New Hampshire
Island Blues USA New York
Kokiri USA New York
Purrmatix USA New York
Mar-T-Cats USA Ohio
House of Halos USA Texas
Permes USA Washington

Bambino catteries

number of catteries 4
Servian Indonesia
Grand-magic Russia
Marin'Off Russia
Elements USA Indiana

Bengal catteries

number of catteries 343
Ramses City Argentina
BENZOTS BENGALS Australia New South Wales
Jendayicatz Begals Australia New South Wales
Spots N Swirls Bengals Australia New South Wales
Wildkatt Bengals Australia New South Wales
Wildspots Australia New South Wales
ASHMIYAH BENGALS Australia South Australia
Sancheita Bengals Australia South Australia
Beckatt bengals Australia Victoria
Heathbrae Bengals Australia Victoria
Sheoak Bengals Australia Victoria
Warpaint Bengals Australia Western Australia
Enumaelisch Austria
von Satara Austria
Wildfelja Austria
Benjoblana Belgium
au coeur d'ange Belgium
Bengalspots Belgium
Dawnfire Bengals Canada Alberta
GlitteringGold Bengals Canada Alberta
Painted Bengals Canada Alberta
Wildrose Bengals Canada Alberta
ChristaCats Canada British Columbia
JungleJem Bengals Cattery


British Columbia
Junglejem is home to some of the top cats in the world , we have Canada's only IW's or International titled cats from Show cats to pets we have a perfect kitten for you
website   email
Kanpur Bengals Canada British Columbia
Magyar Bengals Canada British Columbia
River Valley Bengals Canada New Brunswick
Amazing Bengal Cats Canada Ontario
Amberwood Bengals Canada Ontario
cavehillbengals Canada Ontario
I.C.Spots Bengals Canada Ontario
Miracinonyx Canada Ontario
Summerside Bengals Canada Ontario
Asarte bengals Canada Quebec
Chatterie Baghera Bengals Canada Quebec
Dvine Dzine Bengals Canada Quebec
JAneka Canada Quebec
MarieBengal Canada Quebec
Pattes Sauvages Canada Quebec
Sherakanbengal Canada Quebec
Jabberwock Bengal Czech Republic
Marmoll Bengals Czech Republic
SiruCats Bengals Finland
de l'Etive aux Fees France
Du Royaume de st Bel France
La Clairière o Fée France
Bengalen von der Loreley Germany
Leopardcats Germany
Mysterybengals Germany
of Pandora´s Box Germany
von der Loreley Germany
von Suratthani Germany
Guyus Bengals Ireland
Wild Africa Bengals Latvia
AliffAthirah Malaysia
chrysoberyl Netherlands
Anuket Netherlands
Bengamisha Netherlands
Bengatto Netherlands
BoomKatz Netherlands
Dainifai'Cats Netherlands
Ifness Netherlands
Junglegems Netherlands
mijnbengaaltjes Netherlands
MyJade Netherlands
Sabbiadore Netherlands
Spirit & Water Netherlands
Spotselotica Netherlands
LapLepid Bengals New Zealand
Sabokah Burmese New Zealand
Tigerland Bengals New Zealand
Greenciti Russia
RussiCats Russia
Wild-loveliness Russia
bengalsozycats Spain
Bengalarium Sweden
Tamleopardens Sweden
Bengabâle Switzerland
Bengal of Golden Glow Switzerland
Bengal of Silver Glow Switzerland
"Golden Savannah" Ukraine
A-Murr*UA Ukraine
Dakota Gold Ukraine
Bambino United Kingdom
Ben-Ezhar Bengal Cats United Kingdom
Bengad Bengals United Kingdom
Blissnmore Bengals United Kingdom
ByeZira Bengals United Kingdom
ByeZira Bengals United Kingdom
Chataya Bengals United Kingdom
Dalkeith United Kingdom
Esanes United Kingdom
Fairislebanks United Kingdom
FineCats United Kingdom
Gaylee Bengal United Kingdom
Jentoria United Kingdom
Jesmewlan Bengals United Kingdom
kelsar United Kingdom
Leopardspots Bengals United Kingdom
Nevaeh Bengals United Kingdom
Nevaeh Bengals Cattery

United Kingdom

Nevaeh Bengals are 3 generations of hobby breeders, breeding high quality Bengal cats in the South of England. Our Bengal kittens are bred from stunning brown spotted Bengal cats with glitter and rosettes.
website   email
Nordiquestar Bengals United Kingdom
Queen Anne Cats United Kingdom
Rushbrooke United Kingdom
Sarikakings Bengals United Kingdom
Shonar United Kingdom
Silverstorm Bengals United Kingdom
slavess United Kingdom
Snowbright Bengals United Kingdom
StarShower United Kingdom
Starwinds Bengals United Kingdom
Sunshimmerbengals United Kingdom
Terrachi Bengals United Kingdom
Zawadi Bengals United Kingdom
Bagheera/MillCreek USA Alabama
Bengal Companions USA Alabama
Lazy Days Bengals USA Alabama
14KaratBengal USA Arizona
Amiri Exotics USA Arizona
EmberGlo Bengals USA Arizona
Jinipenda USA Arizona
Sonoran Bengals USA Arizona
Thomwren USA Arizona
Stardusted Bengals USA Arkansas
Stardusted Bengals USA Arkansas
Wild Trax Exotics USA Arkansas
Absolute Angels USA California
Acoco Dream Bengals USA California
Amantra Bengals USA California
Bali Hai Bengals USA California
Beechwood Bengals USA California
EnchantedTails Bengal Cats USA California
Katchick's Bengals USA California
Liyapard USA California
Pocket Leopards Bengals USA California
Royal Bengals USA California
Serrano Bengals and Savannahs USA California
Solana Ranch Bengals USA California
BBBengals USA Colorado
JC Bengals USA Colorado
KizerKatz USA Colorado
Lunakatz USA Colorado
Cozy Country Bengal USA Connecticut
carool USA Delaware
Alirose USA Florida
Alirose Bengals USA Florida
Asianleopard USA Florida
Bearbrook Bengals USA Florida
Bengal Springs USA Florida
Bengal Springs USA Florida
BluewaterBengals USA Florida
Callista Bengals USA Florida
DarkMoon USA Florida
DarkMoon Bengals USA Florida
Destiny Bengals USA Florida
Dreampaws Bengals USA Florida
Drinkwater USA Florida
East Coast Bengals USA Florida
Etché Bengals of Florida USA Florida
Fascats USA Florida
Imaginique Bengals USA Florida
Missy's Bengals of central Florida USA Florida
MooreBengals USA Florida
Prowler Bengals USA Florida
Roseys Bengals Orlando USA Florida
Sans Souci Bengals USA Florida
Satinwood Bengals USA Florida
Savannah River Bengals USA Florida
Sunapee Breeders USA Florida
The Purrfect Spot USA Florida
Tropics Bengals USA Florida
Tuminello Exotics USA Florida
Zawieco Bengal USA Florida
A Belrouge Bengal Cat Cattery


Belrouge Bengal Kittens are from Supreme Grand Champion lines, hand raised, leopard spots, wild faces, sweet pursonalities. Show/Breeders/Pets. TICA registered. Will ship. Contract with health guarantee. Visit us in Atlanta or at www.belrouge.com. 770-390-9772
website   email
Belrouge Bengals USA Georgia
Boyds Bengals USA Georgia
Heavenly Spots USA Georgia
Heavenly Spots USA Georgia
Xquisites Bengal Cats in GA USA Georgia
Absolutely Bengals USA Idaho
Moire Dreams Bengals USA Idaho
Wyld Illuzion Bengals & Sokokes USA Idaho
Amerikatz USA Illinois
Cazpurr Bengals USA Illinois
Fastpaws Bengals USA Illinois
Legacie Bengals USA Illinois
Ubasti Bengals USA Illinois
Willow Creek Farmz USA Illinois
DazzleKatz Bengals USA Indiana
Velvet Thunder USA Indiana
Bellagio Bengals USA Iowa
Iowa Bengal Babyz USA Iowa
Kutabays USA Iowa
Bengal Blessings USA Kansas
Noahs Clark Cats USA Kansas
Sovranty USA Kansas
Allaglow Bengals USA Kentucky
Bamboo Bengals USA Kentucky
BraveHeart Bengals USA Kentucky
Dimondcatz USA Kentucky
KyBengalBabyz USA Kentucky
Leopard Lore Bengals USA Kentucky
Vallicatz Bengals USA Kentucky
AraBella USA Louisiana
Bambusa Forest USA Louisiana
Bodcau Bayou Bengals USA Louisiana
Cajun Bengals USA Louisiana
oceelot bengal USA Louisiana
PatzMeow USA Louisiana
Aladon USA Maine
Boulder Ridge Bengals USA Maine
Magandaka USA Maine
Babbling Bengals USA Maryland
Medoz Bengals USA Maryland
Witchinghour Bengals USA Maryland
Amewsing Bengals USA Massachusetts
Aristicats Bengals USA Massachusetts
ABEO Bengals USA Michigan
Artistry Cats USA Michigan
Asiagold Bengals USA Michigan
AuroraLights Bengals USA Michigan
Hot Spotz Bengals USA Michigan
Secret Spot Bengals USA Michigan
Wild Whiskers USA Michigan
Elkridge Bengals USA Minnesota
Exotica Bengals USA Minnesota
SpiritSong Bengals USA Minnesota
Spotogold Bengals USA Minnesota
Asaalah Bengals USA Missouri
BaileysPride USA Missouri
Bengalbeauty USA Missouri
Couture Cats USA Missouri
Kharistan USA Missouri
Raganwood Bengals USA Missouri
WildIsle Bengals USA Missouri
Country Critters Cats USA Montana
Sunbright Cats USA Montana
The Cheetah's Den USA Montana
Alibris Catz USA Nabraska
Bengals of Vegas USA Nevada
Kajari Bengals USA Nevada
A1 Savannahs USA New Hampshire
Klassik Bengals USA New Hampshire
CarnivalBengals USA New Jersey
Silvercore Bengals USA New Jersey
Spotacular Bengals USA New Jersey
Shabeel Bengals USA New Mexico
Cedarwood USA New York
Fazziobear Bengals USA New York
Nahanni Bengals USA New York
Northern Lights Bengals USA New York
Purrrmotors Bengals USA New York
Savannahcatz USA New York
Silver Bengal Kittens USA New York
X Marx Z Spot USA New York
Alexander Bengals USA North Carolina
Blueridgexotics USA North Carolina
Hampton Bengals USA North Carolina
Hampton Bengals USA North Carolina
Meridian USA North Carolina
Solarity Bengals USA North Carolina
Spots Walkin' Wild USA North Carolina
Tailspin Bengals USA North Carolina
Aszarazsa Bengals USA Ohio
Cataristocrat USA Ohio
Hilltop Bengals USA Ohio
Phantasy Cats USA Ohio
Purr-L-Harbor USA Ohio
Beaux Mondes Bengals USA Oklahoma
NewHorizon Bengals USA Oklahoma
RedEarth Bengals USA Oklahoma
Matahari Bengals USA Oregon
Clover Bottom Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Fuzzy Love Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Gangesexoticcats USA Pennsylvania
Indian Creek Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Indiancreek Bengals USA Pennsylvania
It's Tabu USA Pennsylvania
JMJunglePaws USA Pennsylvania
Leopard Lane USA Pennsylvania
Nibiru Bengals USA Pennsylvania
RiverPalms Bengals USA Pennsylvania
TouchGold Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Tribal Dance Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Wahida Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Wee Little Cats Bengals USA Pennsylvania
AsiaRoseXotics USA South Dakota
Belladonna Bengals USA Tennessee
Bokavi USA Tennessee
DiCaprio Bengals USA Tennessee
Enchanted Kits Bengals USA Tennessee
Paradise Cove Bengals USA Tennessee
Sadies Bengals USA Tennessee
Treasure Trove Bengals USA Tennessee
Acappella Bengals USA Texas
Chalk Mountain Bengals USA Texas
Cheetahsden Texas USA Texas
Cheetahsden Texas USA Texas
Clarkstone Bengals USA Texas
Double D Bengals USA Texas
Indivia Bengals USA Texas
Jabari Bengals USA Texas
Kattitude Bengals USA Texas
Kattitude Bengals USA Texas
Katznjamr Bengal USA Texas
Moonshadow Kittens USA Texas
Mystre Bengal's USA Texas
Pawstruk USA Texas
Sandalwood Bengals USA Texas
Spot O'Luck USA Texas
Spotagious Bengals USA Texas
Spotted Fever Bengals USA Texas
StarGlitter Bengals USA Texas
Tejas Bengals USA Texas
Texas Star Bengals USA Texas
Unique Prints USA Texas
Wildonspots USA Texas
Bengal Garden USA Utah
Lake Mountain Bengals USA Utah
Saris Bengal Cats USA Utah
Excalibur Xotics USA Virginia
RugThugs USA Virginia
Spotswood Bengals USA Virginia
Cheetahsden Bengals Northwest USA Washington
Dreamquest Bengals USA Washington
SkyeHi Bengals USA Washington
Swazibengals USA Washington
Tough and Mighty Bengals USA Washington
Whidbey Bengals USA Washington
Marechal USA West Virginia
Trendar USA West Virginia
WickRun USA West Virginia
Amunra USA Wisconsin
Dreamhaven Bengals USA Wisconsin
Leopard Fuzz Bengals USA Wisconsin
SpottedPaws USA Wisconsin

Birman catteries

number of catteries 154
Shamandu Birmans Argentina
Sarika & Majik Australia New South Wales
Zaeshinwa Birmans Australia New South Wales
Zarlee Australia New South Wales
Zeyar Birmans Australia New South Wales
Alishma Birmans Australia Queensland
Birman At Omigosh Australia Queensland
Gramar Birmans Australia Queensland
Naniki Birmans Australia Queensland
Khusi Birmans Australia South Australia
Shiki Birman Australia South Australia
Spellbound of Tasmania Australia Tasmania
Blaxhaven Australia Victoria
Dolcevita Birmans Australia Victoria
Peloux Birmans Australia Victoria
Sharada Birman Australia Victoria
Xindi Birmans Australia Victoria
AllThoseKittens Cattery


Get yourself a PREMIUM link for only $20 year. Click for it on "website"
website   email
Liwifee Austria
van 't Rozenrijk Belgium
Baie des Amours Belgium
Curls Fantasy Belgium
de la Drève des Arches Belgium
de Lao - Tsun Belgium
Little Beauty Birmans Belgium
van't Wezennest Belgium
Birsace Birmans Canada Alberta
Bojobirmans Canada Alberta
Extravagante Birmans Canada Alberta
MikaSu Birmans Canada Alberta
Azuremist Canada British Columbia
Carraig Birmans Canada New Brunswick
Cascade Birmans Canada Ontario
Crooked Creek Canada Ontario
Gryphonwood Birmans Canada Ontario
Pussetoe Birmans Canada Ontario
Pussetoes Canada Ontario
Zanadu Birmans Canada Ontario
Aleyna Denmark
Con Meo Denmark
Dee Chandee Denmark
DK*Ishani Denmark
Khin-Mya´s Sacred Birman Denmark
de la Belle Cajun France
Au Jardin Des Hesperides France
ktema noir France
La Clairière o Fée France
Les Fleurs de Lilas & Charmed France
Anugama Germany
Cyrielle's Hl.Birmakatzen Germany
Little Purr´s Germany
Navayana`s Heilige Birma Germany
Rita's Birmans Germany
Snowdonias Pride Germany
Vom Wingertshof Germany
Von Baden Germany
von LaMaLu Germany
Galaxies Hong Kong
Silk Touch Birman Israel
Albafeles Italy
Dark Alchemy Birmans Italy
Es war Einmal Italy
Kin-narah Italy
Nocturnal's Italy
Best Bouncers Netherlands
da MaKaJa Netherlands
de LuRo Netherlands
de Vignolo Netherlands
FraDenJo Netherlands
Gravecat Netherlands
Kanteel Netherlands
Madison's Love Netherlands
of Santo's Spirit Netherlands
"Of the new Arrival" Netherlands
Ant Bwe Lay Netherlands
Blessed Ones Netherlands
Chanta-Moni Netherlands
Dahyoux Netherlands
Dar es Salaam Netherlands
Don Cordua Netherlands
Donkersnoet Netherlands
Fachada Pareja Netherlands
Fleur du Batouwe Netherlands
Kalahari Netherlands
Maripeq Joss Karma Netherlands
Masathé's Lovely Netherlands
Moerka Netherlands
Moerka Netherlands
Niekirs Home Netherlands
Of the new Arrival Netherlands
Os veer witte vuutjes Netherlands
Rajiva Netherlands
Sabbiadore Netherlands
Siasly Netherlands
The Shelter Hill Netherlands
Tinsedaija Netherlands
van d'r Foezel Netherlands
van de Eumeniden Netherlands
van fraay's Netherlands
Van Palmaer Dollaert Netherlands
van Ranthambhore Netherlands
Absolute Birmans New Zealand
Magwai Birmans New Zealand
av Chimay (N) Norway
Winni*PL Poland
Adoration (SBI) Russia
Bonbon Azur Russia
Hopewell Sacred Birmans South Africa
SiestaDream´s Birman Spain
Kittah Mun-Ha Sweden
S*PreciousBlue´s Birman Sweden
de la Tour d'Argent Switzerland
Sidi Saad's Heilige Birmas Switzerland
von-Waltricae Switzerland
Ashannas United Kingdom
Baygazer Birmans United Kingdom
Caramleigh Birmans United Kingdom
Cat Kisses United Kingdom
Chanamac Birmans United Kingdom
Churston Birmans United Kingdom
Gillyfloss-Birmans United Kingdom
Goldlay Birmans United Kingdom
Jaxgals United Kingdom
Little Boots Birmans United Kingdom
Musrafy Birmans United Kingdom
Bamababies Birman USA Alabama
Krystalantik's Birman USA California
Kyat Birmans USA California
Myingyan Gems Birmans USA Florida
Russpurrz Birmans USA Illinois
Sapphireblue Birmans USA Indiana
Co Line USA Iowa
Chateau Bir Birmans USA Kansas
Kanza Katz USA Kansas
Kanza Katz Birman USA Kansas
Adorabir Birmans USA Massachusetts
T-Cin Birmans USA Massachusetts
Ralico Birmans USA Michigan
Gypsy Dreams Birmans USA Minnesota
Sundshyne Birmans USA New Hampshire
Pennypurrs Birmans USA North Carolina
Silkencats Birmans USA North Carolina
Cynbir Birmans USA Ohio
Cynbir Birmans USA Ohio
Deambarino USA South Carolina
Deambarino USA South Carolina
Sun-Silk Birmans USA South Carolina
Deer Valley Birmans USA Tennessee
Birjanji Birmans USA Texas
Chaussure Birmans USA Texas
Ritzykatz USA Texas
Dianne's Lady Paws Birmans USA Virginia
Silkfire Birmans USA Virginia
Catastrophe-Lonerock Birmans USA Wisconsin

Bombay catteries

number of catteries 17
Exquisite cats Australia New South Wales
Moravanka Bombays Australia New South Wales
Repetite Australia Western Australia
Bomambero Lithuania
af Thors Sweden
Zizou´s Sweden
Adversane United Kingdom
Alderniti United Kingdom
Kimani cats United Kingdom
Kinabalu United Kingdom
KINABALU CATS United Kingdom
NoCoatOn United Kingdom
Tangyi USA California
Bijouxcats USA Maryland
Chantalle USA Massachusetts
Kemashe USA Virginia
Mustang Bombays USA Washington

Brazilian Shorthair catteries

number of catteries 2
Vom Hexenzauber Germany
Vabank*PL Poland

British Shorthair catteries

number of catteries 339
ABBI British Shorthair Argentina
Ladiabla Argentina
Luna Morena Argentina
Luna Morena Argentina
Barcoo Australia New South Wales
Marshallpark Australia New South Wales
Nashanna & Tianlea Australia New South Wales
Ambritt Australia Queensland
BLUEPRINTS British Shorthair Australia Queensland
Furdinkum Australia Queensland
Glencairn Cats Australia Queensland
Hereiz Australia Queensland
Kaloofa Australia Queensland
Perishablu Australia Queensland
Six Ribbons Australia Queensland
Matines Australia South Australia
Remporter Australia South Australia
Cravelby Australia Tasmania
Kabuchi Australia Tasmania
Bevington Australia Victoria
Bonibrits Australia Victoria
ByMySide Australia Victoria
Cyclard Australia Victoria
Histyle Australia Victoria
BRITZ British Shorthair Australia Western Australia
Britzobeauty British Shorthairs Australia Western Australia
Cocatrolis British Shorthairs Australia Western Australia
Cuddleton British Shorthairs Australia Western Australia
Purshantys Australia Western Australia
Shredoda British Shorthairs Australia Western Australia
Sumibo Australia Western Australia
ChinchillaCats Schoenweg Austria
Pointilistic Austria
Brilliant Field*BY Belarus
Creambel Belarus
van de Gouden Leeuwtjes Belgium
Adagio Color Belgium
Angeldamique Belgium
Chatterie Notre Dame des 7 Douleurs Belgium
d'Amore Belgium
de la Bruyère Belgium
Delarocq Belgium
Delissimo Belgium
Du Blue D'or Argetin Nuancé's Belgium
El Sharoo Belgium
La Fortuna Belgium
Per Vivere Belgium
Silverstars Belgium
Starlicious Belgium
sundust cats Belgium
Tay's Cherry Moon Belgium
Van Morrigan Belgium
Van Uytvange Belgium
Wondercat Belgium
BC Star Canada British Columbia
Sterling Canada British Columbia
BluBears Canada New Brunswick
Hi Crown Canada Ontario
Echo des Charmilles Canada Quebec
Empire of Glamour Canada Quebec
La Chatterie de Gaël Canada Quebec
Royal Plush Canada Quebec
Marrubium Croatia
Von Papp Bianca Croatia
Aluna Czech Republic
BLUE GALAXY Czech Republic
Hromádková Czech Republic
Mieux Czech Republic
Nimble Cat Czech Republic
Ratire de Luxe* CZ Czech Republic
Catwalks Denmark
DK Bitris Denmark
From British Shorthair Denmark
Godsk Denmark
Juwena's Denmark
Kongensgaard Denmark
La Chatte Denmark
AllThoseKittens Cattery


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EmeraldCharm Finland
Silky-Brits Finland
B r i t o n s France
British de Zabarah France
Britons France
Calice Angels France
Chatterie charme Vauban France
Chatterie de Peyrat France
Chatterie de Peyrat France
Chatterie de Peyrat France
des british de noel France
des Doux Coeurs France
Elevage de peyrat France
Les british Des Jolies Plumes France
Les Chamin'ours France
Les Diablotins du Verger France
of british harmony France
of british harmony France
of soft purring France
Of Sweet Dreams France
Oll'Josy France
Saint Andrews France
slim France
So Perfect France
Sabrina`s Germany
aus der Mondburg Germany
BKH from Murlandyia Germany
BKH of Pointed Beauties Germany
BKH von den Bärenbrüdern Germany
BKH von Fueberg Germany
BKH von Rennert Germany
Bluelords Germany
British Shorthair von Rennert Germany
de Lalique Germany
Dearcat's Germany
from Murlandyia Germany
Gattesco Bella Germany
Gryffindors BKH Germany
Kittirose from Berlin Germany
Maisonnette-Bleu Germany
Nahimana's Germany
New Celtic Henge Germany
of Emmeli's Edition Germany
of Holy Magic Germany
of Little Sheeps Germany
of Mystery´s Dream Germany
of Tommy's Town-House Germany
of wild nursery Germany
SABRAX Germany
Saltimbancos Germany
Silvertabbys of Edenplace Germany
Stoemagics Germany
The Blue Sassenach Germany
The Magic Wave Germany
Tinja's Germany
Turbo-Miezen Germany
vom Aenderhaus Germany
vom Elfenfohren Germany
vom Halterner See Germany
Vom Schneetal Germany
vom Schuter Germany
vom Tatzenland Germany
vom Thennersee Germany
von den Gremlins Germany
von den Muggels Germany
von den Pfefferhexen Germany
von den Silberfeen Germany
von der Ockerhoehe Germany
von der Steierburg Germany
von der Veste Germany
von Glastonbury Germany
von Gukamien Germany
von Kirkcaldy Germany
von Lassalle Germany
von Luanda Germany
von Pitzpalue Germany
von Reich Germany
von Sunshinehouse Germany
von Weissenwasser Germany
Whitsunday´s Germany
Wolkenpardies Germany
Yamunas Germany
Zummy`s Cats Germany
Autumnleaf Hong Kong
Rollingcat Hong Kong
Velvet Smile Italy
De Noble Latvia
Gaure Lithuania
Ginger Sugar*LT Lithuania
Maos mekos* Lt Lithuania
Sokoladinis Tigras Lithuania
Starfall *LT - British Shorthair Lithuania
vum Rousegaard Luxembourg
Precioushearts Malta
Sardi Paws Malta Malta
Calapuna's Netherlands
from Heaven Netherlands
v/ d assenbeek Netherlands
All Those Kittens Cattery


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Antigerio, for lilac & blue Netherlands
Charlie Brown Netherlands
Dahyoux Netherlands
Dikkertje Dap Netherlands
Drakensteyn Netherlands
du Hovali Netherlands
From Roma's Choice Netherlands
Grazine Netherlands
Hasina Jabari Netherlands
Het Blauwe Mandje Netherlands
Het Blauwe Mandje Netherlands
M&M Netherlands
Magic Spring's Netherlands
Nena's Cathouse Netherlands
Of Oeba Netherlands
of the Mongoose Netherlands
Op Acht Eindhoven Netherlands
Plusamwin Netherlands
Stargazer Netherlands
van Breedveld Netherlands
van Liesbrit Netherlands
van Norashtin Netherlands
Veuger Netherlands
Wieboplace Netherlands
Paddington New Zealand
(N)Skogfiolen`s Norway
Alegría Norway
Arlito`s Norway
Ariadna*Pl Poland
EstiBri*PL- Colourpoint, Silver point, Golden shaded, Silver shaded & Cameo Poland
Hodowla Kotow Rasowych Tasdj Poland
Lazy Town*PL Poland
Luludi Poland
Mały Miś*PL Poland
Nilfgaard Poland
Teutta Poland
Vabank*PL Poland
D'Vialle Portugal
Magic Panther Romenia
Bastet-a-tet Russia
BriLine SuperFold Russia
Brimurr Russia
From Korzhel Russia
From Korzhel Russia
Katrin's Russia
Kisoldas Love Russia
Matey Russia
Modus Vivendi Russia
Plush Bear Russia
Romanoff Family*RU Russia
Sun-City Russia
Talamaska Russia
TinArden Russia
Mivicks Singapore
z Údolia Hornádu Slovakia
Costa Brava Spain
Dulces Sueños Spain
Pirot Sweden
Quicksilver Sweden
S* Kastanjeback's Sweden
S*Applecat´s Sweden
S*Kustens Sweden
S*Lingonskogens Sweden
S*Litho's Sweden
S*Solid Points Sweden
von Solothurn Switzerland
Zarville Switzerland
LovingPurrTw Taiwan
a Cat in your Flat Ukraine
Basic British Ukraine
Devinore Ukraine
Devinore *UA Ukraine
Perfect Cat Ukraine
Acezaras United Kingdom
acezaras United Kingdom
Acresway United Kingdom
Althalus United Kingdom
Avelloso United Kingdom
Badsworth United Kingdom
Badsworthcats United Kingdom
Baszynski United Kingdom
BespokeBeauties United Kingdom
Bluepawz United Kingdom
Briarmist United Kingdom
Bridol Cats United Kingdom
Bumpkin United Kingdom
Cerinda Cats United Kingdom
Daviot United Kingdom
Dragoneyes Cats United Kingdom
Fanatikat United Kingdom
Jentoria United Kingdom
Kelmaz United Kingdom
Kingswinch United Kingdom
Kruzinkal United Kingdom
Kruzinkal British United Kingdom
Latchcats United Kingdom
Leonitara British Silvers United Kingdom
Limatz United Kingdom
Loismhor United Kingdom
Lorrclaws United Kingdom
Mabledon United Kingdom
Mchardimau United Kingdom
Mewmew Cats United Kingdom
Mewsos United Kingdom
Miltop United Kingdom
Neaum United Kingdom
Oakham British Shorthairs United Kingdom
Pampurred British Cats United Kingdom
Polarpoints United Kingdom
Poshpets United Kingdom
Purrisimo United Kingdom
Rayanshel United Kingdom
Revodna United Kingdom
Robocats United Kingdom
Romantasy United Kingdom
Rosauris United Kingdom
RueifonCats United Kingdom
Silvercloud British Tipped United Kingdom
Sodachicats United Kingdom
Tapmacks United Kingdom
Teknocat United Kingdom
Tishkabar United Kingdom
Fynefold USA Alabama
Kitilicious USA Arizona
Katareece USA Arkansas
Earendil USA California
Elusive Blue USA California
Purrceptive USA California
Anahata USA Colorado
British Empire USA Colorado
Rejinald USA Colorado
Alcmena USA Connecticut
Britishblue USA Georgia
Kittyfield USA Georgia
Brigattos USA Illinois
Britland USA Maryland
Derkatz USA Michigan
Gardengate USA Michigan
Innocentia USA Michigan
DandyBlue USA New Jersey
Cheshiresmile USA New York
Laziblues USA New York
Mountain Land's USA New York
PlushBrits USA New York
Trojen Brits USA North Dakota
homeandhearth.blogspot.com USA Oregon
BlueDuchessCats USA Pennsylvania
Rum Gully Cats USA South Carolina
Cats of Maou USA Texas
Divine Design USA Texas
LoyalroyaL USA Texas
Beauty Tracks -British Shorthair kittens Cattery


Purebred British Shorthair kittens and cats.
Reginal Winner Lines. TICA registered.
We're committed to breeding beautiful, healthy and socialized Brits.

website   email
Beauty Tracks ~ British Shorthairs USA Washington
Cheshire Lady USA Washington
Moonstruck Meadows USA Washington
Purrdelis USA Washington

Burmese catteries

number of catteries 71
Boyagarrie Australia New South Wales
Currellen Australia New South Wales
Moravanka Australia New South Wales
Seraphim Australia New South Wales
Burabylla Australia Queensland
Burmese & Siamese Kittens By Oramor Australia Queensland
Burmese & Siamese Kittens By Oramor Australia Queensland
Burmese & Siamese Kittens By Oramor Australia Queensland
Burmese By Oramor Australia Queensland
Jemville Australia Queensland
Oramor Australia Queensland
oramor Burmese & Siamese Kittens Australia Queensland
Mandalei Australia South Australia
Cravelby Australia Tasmania
Edals Australia Tasmania
Allegra Australia Victoria
Kimlai Australia Victoria
Repetite Cats Australia Western Australia
Riordan Australia Western Australia
Casmany Belgium
Burmania Canada Quebec
Goodeburm Canada Quebec
Bjelke Denmark
Bridau Denmark
de Grainoge France
les rêves d'avalon France
Thandis Germany
Bomambero Lithuania
Oppidum Ubiorum Netherlands
de Baasjes Netherlands
Jewels Choice Netherlands
Roemah Koetjing Netherlands
van de KAP-Salon Netherlands
Windcharm Netherlands
Beautiful Burmese New Zealand
Bidalejo New Zealand
Charmed New Zealand
Chiquita New Zealand
MandaBurms New Zealand
Sabokah New Zealand
Plus*PL Poland
"Buraby's Sharm" Russia
S*Pia-Pizzi's Sweden
Navizence Switzerland
Devinore Ukraine
Bambino United Kingdom
Bemuser United Kingdom
Chamtippy United Kingdom
Fabiola Katz United Kingdom
Goldlay United Kingdom
Kimani cats United Kingdom
Mistymelody Burmese United Kingdom
Purranza United Kingdom
Rushbrooke United Kingdom
SeSuane United Kingdom
Skampaws United Kingdom
Teignage United Kingdom
Vintarn United Kingdom
Az Mews USA Arizona
Tangyi USA California
Sacred Spirit USA Idaho
Carmel Kats USA Iowa
Prairie Home USA Kansas
Bijouxcats USA Maryland
Chantalle USA Massachusetts
Sarmicel USA Nabraska
Bodyguard's USA Ohio
Okeydokey USA Oklahoma
Casa Del Gatos USA Texas
Katko USA Washington

Burmilla catteries

number of catteries 21
Aaralyn Australia New South Wales
Akeiralee Australia New South Wales
Currellen Australia New South Wales
Shantinga Australia New South Wales
L'Argento Australia Victoria
Miamber Burmilla Australia Victoria
Minga Australia Victoria
A Cats Chorus Australia Western Australia
DEE*CZ Czech Republic
Golden Burmilla Denmark
Mirza Denmark
Misapotanien Denmark
Chatterie des Ethnicats France
Felis City*LT Lithuania
Blue Velvet´s Netherlands
Felis Zitteli's Netherlands
Roemah Koetjing Netherlands
Copycat New Zealand
Curlicue's Sweden
S*Kustens Sweden
S*Palombiens Sweden

Chantilly/Tiffany catteries

number of catteries 1
Kings of Siam Canada Ontario

Chartreux catteries

number of catteries 3
Petit Bleu Hong Kong
Della Francigena Italy
Chateaubleu USA New York

Chausies catteries

number of catteries 1
Jinipenda USA Arizona

Cornish Rex catteries

number of catteries 50
Amon Ra Argentina
Coslinkar Australia New South Wales
Jesbar Australia New South Wales
Shartae Australia New South Wales
Lushbaby Australia South Australia
Koshka Australia Victoria
Sandeva Australia Victoria
Temple des Pharaons Belgium
Cat Saisons Canada Quebec
Blytt Denmark
Loveid Denmark
Alchemist Finland
Fiadoran Finland
Piupaws Finland
Alchemist France
Dschadi's Germany
Seglin Germany
Wavy Velvet Hungary
Isan's Cornish Israel
Queensland Netherlands
Rextasy Serbia Montenegro
Mistbesque South Africa
RoseCurl Sweden
S*Mumsikoff Sweden
Rexclick Switzerland
Myskancokatz United Kingdom
Rexcatter USA Alaska
Quails Nest USA California
Beaconwood USA Connecticut
HAUSofMAUS USA Connecticut
Castle Hill USA Florida
DreamSong USA Georgia
Roseric USA Maryland
Cornish Rex Kingdom USA Michigan
Furlesque USA Minnesota
AnnaMaesFlowers USA Missouri
fluffies r us USA Missouri
fluffies r us USA Missouri
AngelWaves USA North Carolina
Spiritcat USA Tennessee
Spiritcat USA Tennessee
Spiritcat Abyssinian & Cornish Rex LLC USA Tennessee
Cowboy Claws USA Texas
Kaylee Cornish Rex USA Virginia
Meeliow USA Virginia
SilkyWonders USA Virginia
Filagrewaves USA Wisconsin
Monarch USA Wisconsin

Cymric catteries

number of catteries 4
of Dreamwalker Austria
Mystic Tails Manx Canada Ontario
Briar-Brae USA New Mexico
Karello USA Pennsylvania

Desert Lynx catteries

number of catteries 9
Windswept USA Arizona
Sullivans USA Florida
Hybrid Exotics USA Indiana
Pamspride USA Missouri
Wild-side Kats USA Nevada
Pharohspride Savannah's USA Ohio
Wichita Mountains USA Oklahoma
Fern Creek USA Oregon
Oregon Manx USA Oregon

Devon Rex catteries

number of catteries 46
Dollywood Australia New South Wales
Ersteklasse Devons Australia New South Wales
Indigo Australia New South Wales
Gargoyle Australia Queensland
Javeron Australia Queensland
Sharkin Australia Queensland
WILOWISPR Australia Queensland
WILOWISPR Australia Queensland
Rosabel Australia South Australia
Sandeva Australia Victoria
LUVBYSU Canada Alberta
RippleRex Canada Alberta
RexFairyLand Canada Newfounndland en Labrador
Rexetera Canada Quebec
PL*Atinium Czech Republic
Berrys Finland
Balooga France
Singapura's Germany
von Amor Germany
Sand Silk Israel
CybeRex Italy
Rexperiment Italy
Antava Latvia
Of The Blue Monday Netherlands
Pantahduc Netherlands
Ardenia*PL Poland
Gattissimo Poland
Winged Piksi Russia
Curlicue's Sweden
Q-T-CURLS Sweden
Quarterback's Sweden
S*Bonnea´s Sweden
XXL Switzerland
Silver Cloud Ukraine
Quincunx United Kingdom
Witchypuss United Kingdom
Rexcatter USA Alaska
Devine Devons USA Arizona
ChenilleRose USA Illinois
Undeniably Dolls USA Maryland
Kotickee USA Texas
Peppershire USA Texas
Roustabout USA Texas
Movieland USA Washington
Filagrewaves USA Wisconsin
Technicolor USA Wisconsin

Egyptian Mau catteries

number of catteries 15
catterie silverfriendship Belgium
Asher Acres Canada Alberta
Chatterie du Dieu Thôt France
Ashidah United Kingdom
Chantina Cats United Kingdom
Geniemau United Kingdom
Mauraj USA Arizona
Cattitude USA Kansas
Paradise Cats USA Louisiana
Mausrus USA Maine
Giles Emaus USA Maryland
KairoKats USA Michigan
The Chirpy Cats USA Missouri
Savannahcatz USA New York
Meowlinium USA Ohio

European Burmese catteries

number of catteries 10
Taijia Registered Canada British Columbia
Catsland Canada Quebec
Bjelke Denmark
Thandis Germany
Mastrpeace USA Kansas
Bijouxcats USA Maryland
Krystakat USA Massachusetts
Penobscot USA Ohio
Bes USA Oregon
Cindon USA Pennsylvania

Exotic Shorthair catteries

number of catteries 248
Chat el Arab Argentina
Lofoten Argentina
Anraema Australia New South Wales
Caloola Silvers Australia New South Wales
Rexotic Australia New South Wales
Armani Australia Queensland
Kalem Australia Queensland
Lapchums Australia Queensland
Heaven Australia Victoria
Chriscott Australia Western Australia
Jaiymeka Australia Western Australia
Yarmax Belarus
Ispahan Myth Belgium
J & B Exotics Belgium
Dangelo Brazil
Carebear Brunei
Chicago Bulgaria
Sam Canada Alberta
Ali Cat Canada British Columbia
Livingcolor Canada British Columbia
Marvonack Canada British Columbia
Purr-Fectly Canada British Columbia
Prism Ridge Canada Manitoba
Milbury Canada Nova Scotia
Tugboats Canada Nova Scotia
Lilacwind Exotics Canada Ontario
Maxwelton Canada Ontario
The Bird & I Canada Ontario
Chatterie Rubis Canada Quebec
Katrina-Cat Canada Quebec
Radisha Canada Quebec
ALUNA Czech Republic
Mieux Czech Republic
Bonna´s Denmark
Kegawa´s Denmark
Vinderoed & Von Asserbo Denmark
White Mith Estonia
Dragonsenille Kochki France
Du Blues Melody France
Exotic Shorthair France
Oceanicor France
Pacific Sun France
Bonne Santé Germany
Brettachtal Germany
Darkover's Germany
Hohenzell Germany
Lovely Moon´s Germany
LTD.Choice Germany
Magic Planet Germany
Pearl of Pacific Germany
Pussini's Germany
Ronjafeld´s Germany
Coolook Hong Kong
Dai & Lou Hong Kong
Fairviewers Hong Kong
Tigeria Hong Kong
Canina Indonesia
Chandra Indonesia
Enchantedpaw Israel
svann Israel
Svann Israel
Uberwald-Cat Israel
Willston Cats & Mascot Cat Israel
7 Fontane Italy
Gattaka Italy
Lulu Persian Italy
Magic Sunrise Latvia
Catica Lithuania
Magnus Dux Lithuania
Svajone Lithuania
AniZac Malaysia
Hugo-Star Malaysia
Mypesona Malaysia
Padipaddy Malaysia
Proventus Malaysia
Carabott Cats Malta
Candystar Moldova
A Al Hosein Hazir Netherlands
Anjolo's Netherlands
Barbetta Netherlands
Casa Batalla Netherlands
Jerba Nicol Netherlands
Jubikel Cats Netherlands
L 'Amour de la vie Netherlands
la Lafonteyn Netherlands
Oude Speeldoos Netherlands
Timeless-NL Netherlands
van de Koldercats Netherlands
Vivaldi Netherlands
Wandou Netherlands
AllThoseKittens Cattery

New Zealand

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Lavatera New Zealand
Glamoudivine Other


In my breeding program I focus to work with Silver Tabby, Silver Tabby/White, Van and Bi-Colors. Breeding only PKD negative cats.
website   email
Persian & Exotic cat IRLINS Russia
Afrodita Russia
Aisalin Russia
Ari-Al Russia
Blendingstar's Russia
Cat`Studio Russia
Crystal Russia
Demanch Russia
Doll Like Russia
El-Silver Russia
Elige Russia
Energy Russia
Gelina Russia
Gold Line Russia
Hohloma Cattery


I specialize in breeding solid bi-and tri-color (Calico) Color Persian and exotic cats. In his breeding program using the best lines such Calivan,Couronne,Candiran,Tehy,Jonti,Kelsha,Bolo,Astral Charm, Harwood, Artemis, Becton, Chancery and others.
website   email
Kobano Russia
Latlorien Russia
Live Toy Russia
Lumicat Russia
Mafdeth Russia
Mag`Dynasty Russia
Malinka Russia
Maysnow Russia
RusLana Russia
SIGEL Russia
Vitas-Little Russia
Zuliatiku Singapore
Glamourdivine South Africa
Q'pea South Africa
Blue Palace Spain
Busibu Spain
Exotic cats La Sagra Spain
Ozycats Spain
AnnKriellas Sweden
Hasselliden Sweden
Loon Taiwan
Catcatcat Thailand
Contanica Thailand
BREEZE Ukraine
BREEZE Ukraine
Carina Ukraine
Ket Murket Baffi Ukraine
Shaparack Ukraine
Sokolova Ukraine
THE BASTET United Arab Emirates
Acresway United Kingdom
Althalus United Kingdom
Biboukatz United Kingdom
Bigwig United Kingdom
Craigwood United Kingdom
Heathrose United Kingdom
Hollymead United Kingdom
Khanate United Kingdom
Louchelle United Kingdom
Maewyn United Kingdom
Midlander United Kingdom
PUZIKATZE United Kingdom
Slinkypaws Exotics & Persians United Kingdom
Westholme United Kingdom
Zambakie United Kingdom
L Jolor USA Arizona
PurrPageant Exotics USA Arizona
Psymis USA Arkansas
Arealand USA California
Dazzle M USA California
Fancyfriends USA California
Jade River USA California
La Boheme's USA California
Mini Purrs USA California
Purfurvid USA California
Quality kittens USA California
Stellarosa Exotics USA California
Stellarosa Exotics USA California
Stellarosa Exotics USA California
Amerikitties USA Colorado
Belcherpurrs USA Florida
Catipurrn USA Florida
Perlexoticat USA Florida
Posh Persians and Exotics USA Florida
Purrznpauz USA Florida
BeZotic USA Georgia
Heiress USA Georgia
Murkse USA Illinois
Topknot USA Illinois
Dreamquete USA Indiana
Erakatz USA Indiana
EYE Kandyz USA Indiana
Hims-N-Purrs USA Indiana
Ivy Cat USA Indiana
Lollykats USA Indiana
Patlen USA Indiana
Howlz&Meowz USA Kentucky
Jobrano USA Kentucky
Camezot USA Maryland
IrishStar USA Massachusetts
Baby Kitty USA Michigan
Exclusivcatz USA Michigan
Paupau Angel USA Michigan
Ceimycat USA Mississippi
Cambreland USA Missouri
Happy Hollow USA Missouri
Golden Heart USA Nevada
cayugafarm USA New Hampshire
Luna-Eclipse USA New Hampshire
Pinkatz USA New Hampshire
Chonilee USA New Jersey
Kitty Charm USA New Jersey
Gizana USA New York
SunSoar Exotics & Ocicats USA New York
InstaPurr Cats USA North Carolina
Loknglas USA North Carolina
Mystic Eyes USA North Carolina
SUDORI USA North Carolina
choc-o-lotta USA Ohio
KittyKlaws USA Ohio
Mistekatz USA Ohio
Agape Willow USA Oklahoma
Buttons USA Oklahoma
KaDoKits USA Oregon
GorgeousPaws USA Pennsylvania
Kat-uby Kats USA Pennsylvania
CatzR4me USA South Carolina
Puffstuff USA South Carolina
Connamara Cats USA South Dakota
A Pampered Palace USA Texas
CatKisses USA Texas
Lapeyrouse Himalayans and Persians USA Texas
Pretty Kittens USA Texas
Roustabout USA Texas
DreamKatcher Persians Exotic Shorthair USA Utah
Leadylion USA Utah
Draco-cats USA Virginia
Extreme Purrs USA Virginia
Heidazots USA Virginia
Ashlin Zots USA Washington
Debs Cats USA Washington
Iridescent USA Washington
Kasebri USA Washington
Lindemere USA Washington
Maple Bay USA Washington
Mt. Baker USA Washington
By Dezign USA West Virginia
Mtn-Mews USA West Virginia
Eigenauers USA Wisconsin

Foldex catteries

number of catteries 4
Chamyka Canada Quebec
Katrina-Cat Canada Quebec
LYPERCHA Canada Quebec
Shamal Canada Quebec

Havana Brown catteries

number of catteries 7
Susitna USA Alaska
Araquipa USA California
Oberlin USA Kansas
Havacat USA Mississippi
Yofranlin Havana Haven USA North Carolina
Blakewood USA Pennsylvania
Siddhis USA Texas

Highland Lynx catteries

number of catteries 9
Prosperity.com USA Florida
Starscats USA Florida
Country Critters USA Montana
Sullivans USA Montana
Amazing Grace USA North Carolina
Paw Lynx USA Oklahoma
Wichita Mountains USA Oklahoma
Northshore Cats USA Tennessee
Red Barn Exotic Katz USA Texas

Highlander catteries

number of catteries 15
Archicass (Highland Fold & Straight) Estonia
Turbo-Miezen Germany
von den Pfefferhexen Germany
von Weissenwasser Germany
Von-der-Steierburg Germany
Het Blauwe Mandje Netherlands
BriLine SuperFold Russia
Heavenly Spots USA Georgia
Magic Whiskers USA Idaho
Dreamquete USA Indiana
Country Critters USA Montana
Simply Earizistible USA Ohio
Paw Lynx USA Oklahoma
Stonehaven Highlanders USA Texas
Stonehaven Highlanders USA Texas

Himalayan catteries

number of catteries 245
Grimper Argentina
Tianlea & Nashanna Australia New South Wales
Cute As Cats Australia Victoria
Jesscor Cats Austria
MoonCascade Persians & Himalayans Belgium
MoonCascade Persians & Himalayans Belgium
Blaze Star Brazil
AllThoseKittens Cattery


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Capoor Canada British Columbia
Eagles Wings Canada British Columbia
Hollow Hills Cats Canada British Columbia
Archadtz Canada Manitoba
Majestic Canada Newfounndland en Labrador
A Fluffy Dream Canada Ontario
Alfenloch Persians and Himalayans Canada Ontario
Alva Glen Canada Ontario
Baby Blue Canada Ontario
Baby Bryne's Surprise Canada Ontario
Diamondsgems Canada Ontario
Dreamz Canada Ontario
Fivestars Ranch Canada Ontario
Paula's Pride Canada Ontario
Purrfect Pawz Canada Ontario
PurrSuin' Dreams Canada Ontario
Shaded Tails Canada Ontario
Tomus Canada Ontario
WetNozez Canada Ontario
Angelichat Canada Quebec
Doux Calin Canada Quebec
Rainville Canada Quebec
EndlessSkies Canada Saskatchewan
Taloch Canada Saskatchewan
Blue Ocean Eyes France
Semaphore France
Ste Colombe France
Caithness Germany
Cuyuni 's Germany
Maranello´s Germany
Phalkean's Germany
Spreewaldperser Germany
Spreewaldperser Germany
Thueringen's Germany
von Cataldo Germany
Olvia Greece
Fjalldrapa Iceland
Enchantedpaw Israel
Fairy Orchid Israel
Magic Kiss Israel
Oh,this cats! Israel
Uberwald-cat Israel
Fralemar Italy
Laver Latvia
Kesanja Netherlands
van het Compagnon Netherlands
Casa Batalla Netherlands
Double Forgeron Netherlands
RisingStars 888 Phillippines
Aelita Russia
Afrodita Russia
Belogorie Russia
Caramel Russia
Crystal Russia
Gelina Russia
Juky Russia
Larix Russia
Love History Russia
Metelitsa Russia
Mozart Russia
Equi-Cat Slovakia
Ozycats Spain
Mariposa's Sweden
Persian House Switzerland
Contanica Thailand
"Royal Flash" Ukraine
Shaparack Ukraine
Sokolova Ukraine
White Dream Ukraine
Ashaneeka United Kingdom
DensPurr United Kingdom
Palmtree United Kingdom
C-Mor Angels USA Alabama
Country Charm USA Alabama
JulsCatzMeow USA Alabama
Kaydekatz USA Alabama
Mystic Mountain USA Alabama
SilkenRose USA Alabama
Smoochacat USA Alabama
Desert Angel USA Arizona
L Jolor USA Arizona
Echo Lake USA Arkansas
Catinallity USA California
Chubby Cheeks USA California
Epuffany USA California
Fancyfriends USA California
Kelskits USA California
Kitty-Kraze USA California
Ooh La La Himalayans & Persians USA California
Royal-Kits USA California
Abundant Luv USA Colorado
Amerikitties USA Colorado
Boutique Kittens USA Colorado
Fluffy Charm USA Connecticut
Furrmine USA Connecticut
Sejumay USA Delaware
Angel Kitties USA Florida
Baybrooke USA Florida
Bo Tye Cats USA Florida
Hirscheez USA Florida
Le Chat Paws USA Florida
Liz's Top Cat USA Florida
Montessori Cats USA Florida
Tranquility USA Florida
PurfectPurrz USA Georgia
Cherishables USA Illinois
Ecuarico Tropicats USA Illinois
Hanover USA Illinois
Happy Himis USA Illinois
Katladicatz USA Illinois
KingdomKatz USA Illinois
Topknot USA Illinois
Dreamquete USA Indiana
Himilove USA Indiana
Hims-N-Purrs USA Indiana
Ivy Cat USA Indiana
Koko Creek USA Indiana
Lilpiggys USA Indiana
Marclay USA Indiana
Per-Lore & Himi-Lore USA Indiana
Purr n Furr USA Indiana
Countrygal USA Iowa
Katzjax USA Iowa
Cattitude USA Kansas
Fancy Fluff USA Kentucky
MHCats USA Kentucky
Bizzy Kitty USA Maine
Doll Face USA Maine
Kitalan USA Maine
Sunshinezzz USA Massachusetts
Wordsworth USA Massachusetts
Angelicpurrs USA Michigan
Dr. Purr's USA Michigan
Firebrand USA Michigan
Himitailz USA Michigan
Maize and Blue USA Michigan
Ann Pat's Cats USA Minnesota
Cashmere Paws USA Minnesota
Ceimycat USA Mississippi
Cookie's Fur Babies USA Missouri
Daphne's Dolls USA Missouri
Happy Hollow USA Missouri
Kittybabies USA Missouri
Le Club Fur USA Missouri
Alibris Catz USA Nabraska
A Small Slice of KITTY Heaven USA New Hampshire
cayugafarm USA New Hampshire
Cudd'l Bugs USA New Hampshire
Luna-Eclipse USA New Hampshire
Starseekers USA New Hampshire
T-N-T Puff USA New Hampshire
BreezyBrook USA New Jersey
Joyback USA New Jersey
KaristaKats USA New Jersey
Serafinaz USA New Jersey
Furry Dream USA New York
Furry Dream USA New York
Furry Dream USA New York
Kasiakatz USA New York
Katz Caprice Risque USA New York
Labonita USA New York
Lakeview Cats USA New York
Oneida Lake USA New York
Show Felines USA New York
Sunnylake USA New York
Whisperwood USA New York
Carolinakatz USA North Carolina
Carolinakatz USA North Carolina
CarolinaKatz USA North Carolina
Fabulous Felines USA North Carolina
Merrychase USA North Carolina
Preciouskatz USA North Carolina
choc-o-lotta USA Ohio
CLC Cats USA Ohio
CloudDancing USA Ohio
Danbie USA Ohio
El'Zadora USA Ohio
HimmiKatz USA Ohio
KittyKlaws USA Ohio
Paws and Purrs USA Ohio
Purfect Kitty USA Ohio
Loralyn USA Oregon
Purr-Majik USA Oregon
Catbery Tails USA Pennsylvania
Cuddle-Paws USA Pennsylvania
Jamlyn USA Pennsylvania
Jentopia USA Pennsylvania
Kutzikoo USA Pennsylvania
PawsArePurrs USA Pennsylvania
Preciosa USA Pennsylvania
Purrs-of-Luv USA Pennsylvania
Shadenshadow USA Pennsylvania
CatzR4me USA South Carolina
Katztoluv Cat USA South Carolina
Puffstuff USA South Carolina
Purrstar USA South Carolina
Rebel Yell USA South Carolina
Catley Crue USA South Dakota
Coppurrhills USA South Dakota
Prissy Points USA South Dakota
Beechwoods USA Tennessee
Isle of Crete USA Tennessee
Sweet Pea USA Tennessee
Bedoroses USA Texas
Isla Jewels USA Texas
Kernel USA Texas
Kitnzluv USA Texas
Lapeyrouse Himalayans & Persians USA Texas
Lapeyrouse Himalayans and Persians USA Texas
Lapeyrouse Himalayans and Persians USA Texas
Ma-Lia Katz USA Texas
Meow House USA Texas
New Destiny USA Texas
Nilah USA Texas
Pampered Palace USA Texas
Paws For U USA Texas
Sandylions USA Utah
Sunstream USA Utah
Tinas Pets USA Utah
Animotion USA Vermont
Cozycreek USA Vermont
Extreme Purrs USA Virginia
HillCatz USA Virginia
Kelley Katz Kattery USA Virginia
PurCatz USA Virginia
FluffRs USA Washington
P-J Purrs USA Washington
Purr D Cute USA Washington
Ristokat USA Washington
Caleb-Cats USA West Virginia
K-Li's Kritters USA West Virginia
AD-Katz USA Wisconsin

Japanese Bobtail catteries

number of catteries 9
Goutokuji USA California
Janipurr USA California
Kiddlyn USA California
Alirose USA Florida
Ja-Koi USA Illinois
Samiz Cats USA Ohio
Chotto USA Oklahoma
Kidori USA Texas
Sparkledust USA Washington

Javanese catteries

number of catteries 4
Kiewa Cats Australia Queensland
Crystabel Canada Quebec
Thai Dee Maew USA Michigan
Purrmatix USA New York

Jungle Curl catteries

number of catteries 1
Country Critters USA Montana

Korat catteries

number of catteries 21
Napha-Naramit Belgium
Ngam Kittibun Belgium
Primprau's Denmark
Primpraus Denmark
Artist's Finland
Dewdrop's Korats Finland
Mythai Finland
Poison's Finland
Tatsutan Finland
Jeba's Germany
Kobalt Koratkatzen Germany
Of San-Chai Germany
Jadeye Italy
Galanos Netherlands
Songsuda Netherlands
Efe*PL Poland
Sezerp*PL Poland
Siri Kira Spain
Kwanjai's Sweden
Chuasiri United Kingdom
Kindred Heart USA Oregon

Kurilian Bobtail catteries

number of catteries 9
Baltais Tigeris Latvia
BlueSolar Lynx Netherlands
Djuszes *PL Poland
Barrayar Russia
Bobclan United Kingdom
Legacy USA Massachusetts
USA Pride USA Texas

LaPerm catteries

number of catteries 23
Kaamari - Katz Australia New South Wales
Shortz'n'Curlz Australia New South Wales
Aquila Altairral*A Austria
Catcurls Canada Alberta
Little Curls Germany
Selskar Ireland
All Those Kittens Cattery


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Krul Netherlands
Ekimeus New Zealand
RussiCurl Russia
Cloudborn Scotland
Olathe Scotland
Amorcatz United Kingdom
Aswani United Kingdom
Ballego United Kingdom
Bane United Kingdom
Wakanda United Kingdom
Arohanui USA California
Magic Whiskers USA Idaho
Midwest USA Iowa
Vankkadia USA New Mexico
MalheurButte USA Oregon
Les Mini Kats USA Pennsylvania

Maine Coon catteries

number of catteries 510
AllThoseKittens Cattery


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Diamantina Australia New South Wales
Kiltiatha Australia New South Wales
Thundapaw Australia New South Wales
Kowlcoons Kats and Kittens Australia Queensland
PawsPlus Australia Queensland
Rascal Australia Queensland
Dinkidi Maine Coons Australia Tasmania
Coonhaven Australia Victoria
Tantus Australia Victoria
Shredoda Australia Western Australia
Carinthian Coons Austria
Christoma's Austria
Coonity Austria
Karantanias Austria
Lions Corner Austria
Stormchaser Austria
Chris Maine Coons Belarus
Van Maeydonck Belgium
Abesh Belgium
Amazingmainecoon Belgium
Aricoone Cats Belgium
Bubasteion Belgium
Cooncity Belgium
dreamcatchers Belgium
Du Domaine De Simba Belgium
Garden of Coons Belgium
Katjan's Dream Corner Belgium
Katroeba Belgium
Magic Coonie Belgium
Mainstreet Belgium
mc Cartney Belgium
NicNac Belgium
Of Little Lynx Belgium
Of Mistery Angel Belgium
Of Old Forest Belgium
Ravini Cat's Belgium
Sweet Like Candy Belgium
Talai Mahal & Kittery’s Paw Belgium
The Dorsai Belgium
Van 't Scheldenhoeck Belgium
Van de Kerselaar Belgium
Van Morrigan Belgium
Winnie's Daydream Belgium
Cardigans Brazil
Triunfo Brazil
PurRydeRoc Canada Alberta
Sunexotics Canada Alberta
Martessa Canada British Columbia
Raincoast Cats Canada British Columbia
Grandeur Canada Ontario
Hibou Canada Ontario
Mariama Canada Ontario
Minoos Maine Coons Canada Ontario
Puddleduck Canada Ontario
SRcoons Canada Ontario
WILD COON CLUB Canada Ontario
WILD COON CLUB Canada Ontario
Chat'Rabia Canada Quebec
Hateya Canada Quebec
Lacocoon Canada Quebec
Maincloon Canada Quebec
Prime-A-Cat Canada Quebec
Triskel Canada Quebec
CHERRYDOR * CZ Czech Republic
Scarlet Rose Czech Republic
Vingilot*CZ Czech Republic
Wild Treasure Czech Republic
Ailuro's Denmark
Bearcloud Denmark
BisCat Denmark
Blackfeet Denmark
Boromir Denmark
Bright Denmark
Brightcoon Denmark
Calantha Denmark
Coonation Denmark
CorkyCoon Denmark
Crane Coon Denmark
DK Mosegaarden Denmark
Dream Eagles Denmark
Fribanikos Denmark
Gacia's Denmark
Gigant's Denmark
Kenduskeag Denmark
Løve Hulen Denmark
Maxi coon Denmark
MCO 4 You Denmark
Micharlo Denmark
Mis-Ja Denmark
Mosegaarden Denmark
Nooc Eniam's Denmark
Olmocabe's Denmark
Proprius Denmark
Rushcutters Denmark
Samicoon Denmark
Sparhawk Denmark
sunways Denmark
Timita Denmark
Tomahawk Denmark
Troublecoon Denmark
Vingsted Denmark
Wackymoon Coon Denmark
WaterCoons Denmark
Wytopitlock Denmark
Yoon Coon Denmark
Trinitas Estonia
Alohacoons Finland
Bonneamie Finland
Chamberlain Finland
Enzahin Finland
Escape's Finland
Fayola Finland
Fullmoon's Finland
Godfather's Finland
NomenEst Finland
Alsciaukat France
Au Pays Des Rêves France
CatCoonnection France
Chatterie de Brannay France
Chatterie de maine coon Chibi Neko France
Colline des Roses France
Coons de Baguera France
des Littles Gargamel France
du Bout Du Grel France
du Cap Coon France
du Clos Corben France
du Comte des Fées France
du Trou aux Loups France
Eole Coon's France
Isatis France
L' ile des Lionnes France
Latigun France
le bout du grel France
Le Clos Merry France
Les Terres de Saqqarah France
Liberty Valley France
Magic Coon France
Mèo Linh France
Miysis France
Rivendell France
Royal Coon France
Shamen'Shags France
Wild Lynx France
Xtreme Coon's France
*SHEDOROS* Germany
Auchentoshan Germany
Battle Creek Germany
Beaverscove Germany
Black Smoker's Germany
Bonfires Germany
Brind Amours Germany
Chafervalley Germany
Chat Botté Germany
Classic Cats Germany
Clevercoon Germany
Colleins Germany
Coonattack Germany
COONS-4-LIFE Germany
Dancing Cloud Germany
Dantes Peak Germany
Dark Cocoon Germany
Elcontra Germany
Fantasy Valley Germany
from Otherland Germany
Funny Coons Germany
Going Light Germany
Hunkpapa's Germany
Indianearth Germany
Indiansummer Germany
It's Me Germany
Lakeside's Germany
Longsleepers Germany
Loveliness Germany
Lucina Germany
Macavity Germany
Magical Nightcoons Germany
MainzCoon Germany
Majestic Maine Angel's Germany
Moonlight Cats Germany
Mountain Spirits Germany
Mystic River Germany
Nadoblacoons Germany
of Blooming Tree Germany
Pale Moon´s Germany
Rangeley Lakes - Maine coon Germany
Savincoon Germany
Secret Dreams Germany
Sevencorners Germany
Sevenwonders Germany
Shamanshag Germany
Sunwaters Germany
Superstars Germany
Sweetland Germany
Tala-Minowis Germany
Tamburas Germany
vom 3-Linden-Brunnen Germany
Vom Engelshügel Germany
Vom Sattelgut Germany
WildBandits Germany
Yankee Cats Germany
Yovimba Germany
Nana's Coons Greece
AglowCoons Maine Coon Hungary
Charmant Chatte *HU Hungary
Flamingcoons Hungary
LoyalCoon Hungary
Pearl Of Mecsek Hungary
Bright Lunar Indonesia
Tirtham Indonesia
A Shaycoon Israel
coffecoon Israel
Apple Pie Italy
Blue Forest Italy
Del Faro Italy
Green Hill Italy
Lemuel Italy
Prince of Maine Italy
LV* Family Value Latvia
Majestic Hunters Latvia
Amber Sun.LT Lithuania
LT Sesuvos Lithuania
Mazoji Arka LT Lithuania
of Shaggy-Coons Luxembourg
Pusaka Rimbakl Malaysia
Zikhafri Malaysia
van de Doronburcht Netherlands
A Star is Born Netherlands
Alanocats Netherlands
Amshula Netherlands
Basilicus Netherlands
Blue Bald Ufkens Netherlands
Candy Moons Netherlands
Candymoon Netherlands
Chenango Netherlands
Comme il Faut Netherlands
comme il faut Netherlands
ConnNatural Netherlands
Coon Casa Netherlands
Dances with Wolves Netherlands
Diniel Netherlands
Embruka Netherlands
Fair Wind's Netherlands
Fantasicoons Netherlands
Five Islands Netherlands
Grazy babs Netherlands
House of ReSacoon's Netherlands
Is Da Wa Netherlands
Jean Le Just Netherlands
Jean Le Just Netherlands
Leather and Lace Netherlands
maine coon candymoon Netherlands
Maine coon PoppyField Netherlands
Mohegan Netherlands
Mt.Cathli Netherlands
Nova's place Netherlands
of the Catplanet Netherlands
Ormedon's Netherlands
Pamuzinda Netherlands
Popoki Laki Netherlands
Shadow Light's Netherlands
Silver-Beach Netherlands
Sweetlove Netherlands
Tabula Rasa Netherlands
Tempus Fugit Netherlands
The Haecoon Netherlands
The Paint-Box Netherlands
Timaracoon Netherlands
van Norashtin Netherlands
vankreumelroan Netherlands
vankreumelroan Netherlands
Gone Wild New Zealand
Kiwicoons New Zealand
Mainelymagic New Zealand
Shachats New Zealand
Shiningwater New Zealand
Vladimir New Zealand
(N) Angric Maine coon Norway
(N) Spellbounds Norway
(N) Yowie's Norway
(N)Ladejarlen Norway
(N)Skjaervikens Norway
Arctic Norway
Arctic coon Norway
Big Kitty Norway
Celebrian`s Norway
Gaupekatten`s Norway
Innocent Rose's Norway
Lilletun`s Norway
Merridancers Norway
Mydele`s Norway
Sacred Spirit's Norway
Spellbounds Norway
Abaltar Poland
Agiraj*PL Poland
Aldaker Poland
Alfarcoon Poland
Almira Poland
Amibial Poland
Arkiza Poland
Armentarius * PL Poland
Ashabelle Poland
Aspenville Poland
Belmicoon Poland
Berenicat Poland
Catroad Poland
Coon Tribe*PL Poland
CoonKitty Poland
Cream of Cream Poland
Dirigo*Pl Poland
Furby Dream Poland
Gatta*PL Poland
GreenGrove*PL Poland
Hunters Moon*PL Poland
Kocie Loty Poland
Labeo Poland
Lapicoon*Pl Poland
Lucky Dragon*PL Poland
Masada Poland
Mefisto`s Heart*PL Poland
Melluandia*PL Maine Coon Poland
Nightwalker*PL Maine Coon Poland
Perla Annaru Poland
Pod Papugami*PL Poland
Pod Papugami*PL Poland
Sincowcoon*PL Poland
TiiLi*PL Poland
Z Domu Violi Poland
Amadeicoon Russia
Charoit Russia
Delux Clas Russia
Etnika Russia
Formula Uspekha*RUS Russia
Hawkmoon Russia
Lilium Russia
Lynx Place Russia
Olimpian*RU Russia
Reg Gates Russia
sheriff Russia
SokolPark Russia
SuperCoon Singapore
MultiCoon Slovenia
SI*Golden Maine coon | Maine Coon | Slovenia Slovenia
Kali-Katz South Africa
Kernes South Africa
Royal Maine Coons South Africa
Shangri-la South Africa
Berkano Spain
Cancion de Cuna Spain
Damanhur Spain
Embrujados Maine Coon Spain
EuskadiCoon Spain
Kimzkoonz Spain
Monteblanco Spain
OliCa-Coons Spain
Omkara Spain
(N)Gentle Powers Sweden
Absolut Coon´s Sweden
Country Dream's Sweden
Megaton Sweden
ReMaine's Sweden
S* Laterna Magica´s Sweden
Sallymanns Sweden
Sätra Brunns Sweden
Tallkottens Sweden
Crausacoon Switzerland
la Grande Meunière Switzerland
Lufre Switzerland
Madawaska Switzerland
of Secret Schatz Switzerland
of Virginia Falls Switzerland
Pawpaw-na-nee Switzerland
Tatankaska Switzerland
Utopia Switzerland
Waterproof's Switzerland
Wildmeadows Switzerland
Perfect Cat Ukraine
Badsworth United Kingdom
Braekitz United Kingdom
CaleyCoon United Kingdom
ComfyCatz United Kingdom
Coonflakes United Kingdom
Coontastic United Kingdom
Dotcom United Kingdom
Elmcoon United Kingdom
Handaros United Kingdom
Indy's United Kingdom
Jacawaca United Kingdom
Jamcusa United Kingdom
Jehozacat United Kingdom
Jemahan United Kingdom
Kagoza United Kingdom
Kyamron Maine Coon Cats United Kingdom
Lynxelot United Kingdom
Mullycoonz United Kingdom

United Kingdom

Our pride is our joy!
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of Two Lands United Kingdom
Olirose United Kingdom
Rockoon United Kingdom
Rumtumtugger United Kingdom
Spirritz United Kingdom
Sueragdandy United Kingdom
Sueragdandy United Kingdom
Sueragdandy United Kingdom
Terzovia United Kingdom
Topklass United Kingdom
Trappistini United Kingdom
Yaheska United Kingdom
Backwoods USA Alabama
CongoCoon USA Alabama
Cancoon USA Arizona
Joys Joy USA Arizona
Zunicoon USA Arizona
Whispurridge USA Arkansas
Ahwannacoon USA California
Blazers USA California
Coonberries USA California
L.A. Purr Department USA California
Maggi's Maines USA California
Tabbypatch USA California
Coonplay USA Colorado
Cumbrescoons USA Colorado
Dracoonfly USA Connecticut
Angel Babies USA Florida
Angelcoon USA Florida
Beachcoons USA Florida
Coonpals USA Florida
Fairycats USA Florida
Icoons USA Florida
Kattarose USA Florida
Pat's Angels USA Florida
Pats Pride USA Florida
Regalcoons USA Florida
Coonceit USA Illinois
Ray du Soleil USA Illinois
Koontosh USA Indiana
Koontyme USA Indiana
Psycatics USA Iowa
Wild Pride USA Iowa
TribalCoons USA Kansas
Brookz's Cat House USA Maine
Codycats USA Massachusetts
Petteycats USA Massachusetts
Timberkatz USA Massachusetts
Uncle Buck's USA Massachusetts
Catpuccino USA Michigan
Kinneycoons USA Michigan
Sullivan's , Horses And Farrier Service USA Minnesota
Acadiacoons USA Missouri
MCattraction USA Missouri
Vasili's Maine Coon Cats USA Missouri
Cameo One USA Montana
Chemicoons USA Nevada
Kelim Coons USA New Hampshire
Moxiecat USA New Hampshire
Pawstuctaway USA New Hampshire
Quilts N’ Queens USA New Hampshire
Shanooks USA New Hampshire
ClassicCool USA New Jersey
Coonalley USA New Jersey
Graro USA New York
Tribeca USA New York
Semper-Pawz USA North Carolina
Highlander USA Ohio
Kamicoonz USA Ohio
Made From Scratch USA Ohio
Maine Delite USA Ohio
Okeepa USA Ohio
Rickoons USA Ohio
The Cat Spa USA Ohio
The CatHut USA Ohio
Deerinwater Farms USA Oklahoma
Dragonmaine USA Oklahoma
Mountain Fork USA Oklahoma
Cabincoon USA Pennsylvania
Cold Creek Maine Coons USA Pennsylvania
Cold Creek Maine Coons USA Pennsylvania
Luvdalot USA Pennsylvania
McKittycreek USA Pennsylvania
Mylancoon USA Pennsylvania
Paleeni USA Pennsylvania
Cowtown Cats USA Texas
Furry Acres USA Texas
Nascat USA Texas
Rock Meadows USA Texas
Snuglcoons USA Texas
Koonikats USA Utah
BeauMaine USA Virginia
Britacoon USA Virginia
DamnYnke USA Virginia
Qitah USA Virginia
SaraJen USA Virginia
Tremethick USA Virginia
Badgerland USA Wisconsin
Dzcoonz USA Wisconsin
Gleadom USA Wisconsin
Rock Hill Maine Coons Cattery


Very well socialized. Perfect for families! FIV/FeLV, HCM neg. Health guarantee. Our cats and kittens are raised in our home in a safe, loving, and healthy environment. Our goal is to breed beautiful, large cats where health is a top priority. TICA Outstanding Cattery & CFA Cattery of Excellence.
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Rock Star Cats USA Wisconsin

Manx catteries

number of catteries 18
of Dreamwalker Austria
Ruvang's Norway
Crystalgems USA California
Wolf Creek Ranch USA California
Kelsha USA Florida
Prairie Lane USA Iowa
Briar-Brae USA New Mexico
Romanxx USA North Carolina
Slieau manx USA North Carolina
Joe's Cat House USA Oregon
Karello USA Pennsylvania
Stubbin Manx USA South Carolina
Golden Eagle USA Texas
Love & Joy Manx USA Vermont
Shortontails USA Vermont
Anamanxs USA Virginia
Faerietail USA Washington
Moonsign USA Washington

Minskin catteries

number of catteries 1
Elements USA Indiana

Munchkin catteries

number of catteries 41
ChrisCrash Australia New South Wales
MyMunchies Australia Victoria
country munchkin Canada Ontario
LaChatouillerie Canada Quebec
Circle Of Life Canada Saskatchewan
De la Belle Cajun France
des Littles Gargamel France
La Munchkinerie France
InieMinieCats Hungary
LittleDMunchkin Hungary
van de bosbengels Netherlands
XXL Switzerland
Mack's Cats USA Arkansas
Munchkinlane USA Arkansas
JudysCuties USA Florida
Creators USA Georgia
Divine Felines USA Illinois
Littlebittykiti USA Illinois
Elements USA Indiana
Boji Baloo USA Iowa
Midwest Munchkins USA Iowa
Picket Fence USA Iowa
Kanzakitty USA Kansas
TamaNeko USA Massachusetts
Falcor USA Missouri
CompactKatz USA Nevada
Loprofile USA Oklahoma
Cudlkty USA Oregon
MalheurButte USA Oregon
Leprechaun USA Pennsylvania
LesMiniKats USA Pennsylvania
Littlebeans Munchkins USA Pennsylvania
RugRunners USA Pennsylvania
SimplyMunchkins USA Pennsylvania
Josie's Munchkins USA Tennessee
KleineKatz USA Tennessee
Bluebonnet Munchkins USA Texas
ChugerWood Munchkins USA Texas
Ittybittypaws USA Texas
KlassyKittens Medieval USA Texas
Demitasse USA Washington

Napoleon catteries

number of catteries 14
La Munchkinerie France
Boutique Kittens USA Colorado
JudysCuties USA Florida
Blue Skies USA Illinois
Divine Felines USA Illinois
Elements USA Indiana
Our Favorite Things USA Louisiana
Falcor USA Missouri
fluffies r us USA Missouri
fluffies r us USA Missouri
Cudlkty USA Oregon
Les Mini Kats USA Pennsylvania
LesMiniKats USA Pennsylvania
Isla Jewels USA Texas

Norwegian Forest Cat catteries

number of catteries 88
SnowStars Australia South Australia
Stars from Norway Belgium
Von Ashna Belgium
DEKAR *CZ Czech Republic
DEKAR *CZ Czech Republic
Harmakhet Denmark
La Forêt Denmark
Sacala Denmark
Sollok's Denmark
Westerberg's Denmark
Godfather's Finland
chatterie des Ethnicats France
av Folgefonn Germany
av Valdres Germany
av Widogard Germany
Blafjell´s Germany
Braveheart Germany
Calabrones Germany
Dangerfjord´s Norwegische Waldkatzen Germany
De-La-Platiada Germany
Elvdal´s Germany
Fjordgard´s Germany
Forestangel's Germany
Granlund´s Germany
Kirkham`s Germany
Maelstromkatzen Germany
Mageroy´s Germany
Quarans Germany
vom Alpenwichtel Germany
vom Runenzauber Germany
vom Schneetal Germany
von den roten Teufeln Germany
von Einhorn Germany
Elvenstar Greece
Gallifrey's Hungary
Azureblue Japan
Azureblue Japan
Ginchest Netherlands
Ragnarok Netherlands
Willands Netherlands
av Jøngenorge Netherlands
Casmira's Netherlands
Chanta-Moni Netherlands
Dagomar Netherlands
Glitnir`s Netherlands
Grimnir's Netherlands
Indah Kehutanan Netherlands
Lothlinden's Netherlands
Nemesis'kits Netherlands
Niekirs Home Netherlands
Sombra Netherlands
Titran's Norsk Skogkatt Netherlands
van de Toverbal Netherlands
Jaymlyn New Zealand
Gatta*PL Poland
Weesams Scotland
Corros South Africa
Kali-Katz South Africa
Montegancedo*ES Spain
Tierra Media Spain
S* Laterna Magica´s Sweden
S*My Friend Sweden
av Fjellheia*CH Switzerland
Dayjoy United Kingdom
Elskendevenn United Kingdom
Fairy Belles United Kingdom
Forest Friend United Kingdom
Miyoda United Kingdom
Mjollnir United Kingdom
Norgeskaukatt United Kingdom
Norskwood United Kingdom
Trappistini United Kingdom
Catkin Woods USA Alabama
MarninaCat USA Arkansas
Winteridge USA California
LostWoods USA Colorado
HattKatts USA Florida
Mycoon USA Michigan
Winterfyre USA Minnesota
NorKatz USA Nabraska
Tana Bru USA Pennsylvania
Deambarino USA South Carolina
Nattevind USA Texas
Ouijakatz USA Texas
Fortryllekat USA Washington
Furry Boots USA Washington
Nimrod USA Washington
Winterheart USA Washington

Not listed catteries

number of catteries 3
Syarte Brazil
Posh Wave Russia
Bell USA Texas

Ocicat catteries

number of catteries 23
Zayenah Ocicats Australia South Australia
Daywalker Ocicats Germany
Spotted Dream Germany
DDD Catmate Netherlands
Meulicats Ocicats Netherlands
Ocicat Club Holland Netherlands
Ocicat-Minded Netherlands
Abyrose New Zealand
Optispot New Zealand
Ameeka United Kingdom
Chocolatedot United Kingdom
Abby's Cats USA Arizona
Chisholm Trail USA California
Ocigatos USA California
MeowMixed USA Colorado
DreamSong USA Georgia
Catoninetail USA Indiana
DotDotDot USA Nabraska
SunSoar Exotics & Ocicats USA New York
Lequoia USA Oregon
Adoraspots USA Pennsylvania
Purrfurdots USA Pennsylvania
Catiators USA West Virginia

Oriental Longhair catteries

number of catteries 6
NYX Cats Denmark
Yazoo Germany
roquira Netherlands
Kirazamber Netherlands
Quasana Netherlands
Valley of Poppy's Netherlands

Oriental Shorthair catteries

number of catteries 79
Donna Lee Argentina
Shasa Argentina
Seki Cats Australia New South Wales
Jesuis cats Australia Queensland
Xarifa Australia South Australia
Tiffyan Australia Tasmania
Cindylin Australia Victoria
Rislani Australia Victoria
Tomelima Australia Victoria
Farrokh of Mercury Belgium
Mazal-Tov Belgium
Once Upon a Time Belgium
Temple des Pharaons Belgium
Van Asseau Belgium
Van Callisto Belgium
LaChrista Canada British Columbia
JustOriamese Canada Ontario
Orientpurrr Canada Ontario
Preciouspoint Canada Ontario
Amourichat Canada Quebec
Chocolat Canada Quebec
Kariana Canada Quebec
NYX Cats Denmark
Les Petites Bavardes France
Enchantica Germany
Ghostbuster Germany
Manalishi Germany
Sharifa´s Germany
Imladris Hungary
Pamiliclo's Netherlands
Anatevka Netherlands
Calvencade Netherlands
Fearbhail Netherlands
Kirazamber Netherlands
LaVaYaRa Netherlands
Matya Mou Netherlands
Quasana Netherlands
San Ferry Ann Netherlands
van scalindjo Netherlands
van Scalindjo Netherlands
van Suddorpe Netherlands
Kaotik New Zealand
RarozSia's Norway
Perly-orientu.pl Poland
United Colours of Cats Portugal
Luana Russia
Meekahoo Russia
Kioko South Africa
Mistbesque South Africa
Ajixmex Sweden
Asynjas Sweden
Azoo Sweden
Jackpott's Sweden
Rovardotter's Sweden
S*Zeldtrix Sweden
Chacamo United Kingdom
Chezs United Kingdom
Fabiola Katz United Kingdom
Ikishiroo United Kingdom
kinkajewsden United Kingdom
Kyomi United Kingdom
Metexa United Kingdom
Westgarth United Kingdom
Wiccanways United Kingdom
Kat Attack USA California
Chromatics USA Florida
Colorfast USA Florida
Katsmith USA Florida
Stellarpaw USA Florida
Thai Dee Maew USA Michigan
Cataristocrat USA Ohio
Sin-Sation USA Ohio
Chrijo USA Pennsylvania
Mystic Meows USA South Carolina
Hensleek USA Texas
Ranchcats USA Texas
Moncouer USA Virginia
Lemasquekats USA West Virginia

Persian catteries

number of catteries 672
Magie Noire Argentina
Anraema Australia New South Wales
Caloola Silvers Australia New South Wales
Je m'appelle Australia New South Wales
Jezabel Australia New South Wales
Lapchums Australia New South Wales
Fairytail Australia South Australia
Kadja Australia South Australia
Cute As Cats Australia Victoria
Deearden Australia Victoria
Heaven Persians Australia Victoria
ShadowRose Australia Victoria
Jaiymeka Australia Western Australia
Hellowien & Viennasky Austria
Jesscor Cats Austria
Allegria Belgium
Des Portes d'Orient Belgium
Ispahan Belgium
Marquise De Gand Belgium
Toscaninni Belgium
Arstat Brazil
Blaze Star Brazil
BlueSavannah Brazil
BlueSavannah Brazil
rado Bulgaria
Rubirose Bulgaria
Hyms N Perrs Canada Alberta
Oceanpurrls Canada Alberta
Pandy Purrs Canada Alberta
Too Tall Canada Alberta
Arrow Lakes Canada British Columbia
Bim Bam Canada British Columbia
Cherdens Canada British Columbia
Hollow Hills Canada British Columbia
Mystimitts Canada British Columbia
Purr-Fect Canada British Columbia
Wallycats Canada British Columbia
Archadtz Canada Manitoba
DaSilva Canada Manitoba
Prism Ridge Canada Manitoba
Aristopurr Canada New Brunswick
Chatjolie Canada New Brunswick
Personalpurrs Canada New Brunswick
Purrkeepers Canada New Brunswick
I'am Alone Canada Newfounndland en Labrador
CazhmereCatz Canada Nova Scotia
Dancenplay Canada Nova Scotia
Milbury Canada Nova Scotia
Alfenloch Persians and Himalayans Canada Ontario
Alva Glen Canada Ontario
Anavrin Canada Ontario
Angelspur Canada Ontario
Bella Blue Canada Ontario
Cats W'Class Canada Ontario
Cedar Swamp Canada Ontario
Diamondsgems Canada Ontario
Gepurz Canada Ontario
Hairballs Canada Ontario
Kitty Gang Canada Ontario
Little Secrets Canada Ontario
Pattikens Canada Ontario
Paula's Pride Canada Ontario
PurrfectPawz Canada Ontario
PurrSuin' Dreams Canada Ontario
Stepping Stone Canada Ontario
The Bird & I Canada Ontario
Wishnpaws Canada Ontario
Angelichat Canada Quebec
Catsland Canada Quebec
Dawn-O-Van Canada Quebec
Doux Calin Canada Quebec
Hedwig Canada Quebec
Libellula Canada Quebec
Minachat Canada Quebec
Mine D'Art Canada Quebec
Nacyki Canada Quebec
Passion Feline Canada Quebec
Radisha Canada Quebec
EndlessSkies Canada Saskatchewan
Gatos Persas e HImalayos MOtas Colombia
Furry Tale Land Cyprus
MONARCHA, CZ Czech Republic
Rému-Martin Czech Republic
Solunka Czech Republic
Bonna´s Denmark
Jaheki Denmark
Kegawa Denmark
Periferi Denmark
Perli-Gem's Denmark
Pfaff Denmark
Vinderoed & Von Asserbo Denmark
Von Gørtz Denmark
naaaan cats Egypt
AllThoseKittens Cattery


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White Mith Estonia
Amadiyah Finland
BlueIce's Finland
Siriuksen Finland
Blue Ocean Eyes France
Delasanseverina France
Devalpierre France
Dragonsenille Kochki France
du Prince de la nuit France
Lorien' Cats France
Ma Griff France
Oceanicor France
Pacific Sun France
Semaphore France
So Lovely Baby's France
Bienvenu-Cats Germany
Bonne Santé Germany
Brettachtal Germany
Brigan Persians Germany
Cuyuni 's Germany
Dachsbau Germany
Darkover's Germany
De Lindar's Germany
Dreamscape Germany
DT Germany`s Germany
El Zaburs Germany
Haendel's Germany
Hightime-Cats Germany
Hohenbuchau Germany
Hohenzell Germany
Just for fun Germany
Lovely Moon Germany
LTD.Choice Germany
Magic Planet Germany
Marada's Germany
Maranello´s Germany
Pearl of Pacific Germany
Rincewind Germany
Schelby Cats Germany
Summerstar Germany
Sunnybeach Germany
Tendertabbies Germany
Tueringen's Germany
vom Havelland Germany
vom Isarwinkel Germany
von Cataldo Germany
Coolook Hong Kong
Dai & Lou Hong Kong
Silencedryad Hong Kong
Candy Dolls Hungary
Chandra Indonesia
Cotton Purr Indonesia
Chrysoberyl Persians Israel
Enchantedpaw Israel
Fairy Orchid Israel
willstoncats & Mascot Cat Israel
Zaladin Israel
Cassilia Italy
Diapason Italy
Fëanor Italy