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Abyssinian 90

American Bobtail 15

American Curl 55

American Polydactal 11

American Shorthair 14

American Wirehair 2

Asian 6

Australian Mist 11

Australian Tiffanies 5

Balinese 35

Bambino 4

Bengal 343

Birman 154

Bombay 17

Brazilian Shorthair 2

British Shorthair 339

Burmese 71

Burmilla 21

Chantilly/Tiffany 1

Chartreux 3

Chausies 1

Cornish Rex 50

Cymric 4

Desert Lynx 9

Devon Rex 46

Egyptian Mau 15

European Burmese 10

Exotic Shorthair 248

Foldex 4

Havana Brown 7

Highland Lynx 9

Highlander 15

Himalayan 245

Japanese Bobtail 9

Javanese 4

Jungle Curl 1

Korat 21

Kurilian Bobtail 9

LaPerm 23

Maine Coon 510

Manx 18

Minskin 1

Munchkin 41

Napoleon 14

Norwegian Forest Cat 88

Not listed 3

Ocicat 23

Oriental Longhair 6

Oriental Shorthair 79

Persian 672

Peterbald 19

Pixie-Bob 42

Polydactyl 8

RagaMuffin 15

Ragdoll 407

Russian Blue 40

Safari 3

Savannah 106

Scottish Fold 81

Selkirk Rex 44

Serengeti 3

Serval 3

Siamese 165

Siberian Cat 200

Singapura 16

Skookum 1

Snow-Bob 4

Snowshoe 4

Sokoke 5

Somali 15

Sphynx 232

Thai Cats 6

Thai Lilac 1

Tibetan Cats 3

Tonkinese 21

Toyger 6

Traditional Siamese 17

Turkish Angora 23

Turkish Van 20

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Bengal catteries

number of catteries 343
Ramses City Argentina
BENZOTS BENGALS Australia New South Wales
Jendayicatz Begals Australia New South Wales
Spots N Swirls Bengals Australia New South Wales
Wildkatt Bengals Australia New South Wales
Wildspots Australia New South Wales
ASHMIYAH BENGALS Australia South Australia
Sancheita Bengals Australia South Australia
Beckatt bengals Australia Victoria
Heathbrae Bengals Australia Victoria
Sheoak Bengals Australia Victoria
Warpaint Bengals Australia Western Australia
Enumaelisch Austria
von Satara Austria
Wildfelja Austria
Benjoblana Belgium
au coeur d'ange Belgium
Bengalspots Belgium
Dawnfire Bengals Canada Alberta
GlitteringGold Bengals Canada Alberta
Painted Bengals Canada Alberta
Wildrose Bengals Canada Alberta
ChristaCats Canada British Columbia
JungleJem Bengals Cattery


British Columbia
Junglejem is home to some of the top cats in the world , we have Canada's only IW's or International titled cats from Show cats to pets we have a perfect kitten for you
website   email
Kanpur Bengals Canada British Columbia
Magyar Bengals Canada British Columbia
River Valley Bengals Canada New Brunswick
Amazing Bengal Cats Canada Ontario
Amberwood Bengals Canada Ontario
cavehillbengals Canada Ontario
I.C.Spots Bengals Canada Ontario
Miracinonyx Canada Ontario
Summerside Bengals Canada Ontario
Asarte bengals Canada Quebec
Chatterie Baghera Bengals Canada Quebec
Dvine Dzine Bengals Canada Quebec
JAneka Canada Quebec
MarieBengal Canada Quebec
Pattes Sauvages Canada Quebec
Sherakanbengal Canada Quebec
Jabberwock Bengal Czech Republic
Marmoll Bengals Czech Republic
SiruCats Bengals Finland
de l'Etive aux Fees France
Du Royaume de st Bel France
La Clairière o Fée France
Bengalen von der Loreley Germany
Leopardcats Germany
Mysterybengals Germany
of Pandora´s Box Germany
von der Loreley Germany
von Suratthani Germany
Guyus Bengals Ireland
Wild Africa Bengals Latvia
AliffAthirah Malaysia
chrysoberyl Netherlands
Anuket Netherlands
Bengamisha Netherlands
Bengatto Netherlands
BoomKatz Netherlands
Dainifai'Cats Netherlands
Ifness Netherlands
Junglegems Netherlands
mijnbengaaltjes Netherlands
MyJade Netherlands
Sabbiadore Netherlands
Spirit & Water Netherlands
Spotselotica Netherlands
LapLepid Bengals New Zealand
Sabokah Burmese New Zealand
Tigerland Bengals New Zealand
Greenciti Russia
RussiCats Russia
Wild-loveliness Russia
bengalsozycats Spain
Bengalarium Sweden
Tamleopardens Sweden
Bengabâle Switzerland
Bengal of Golden Glow Switzerland
Bengal of Silver Glow Switzerland
"Golden Savannah" Ukraine
A-Murr*UA Ukraine
Dakota Gold Ukraine
Bambino United Kingdom
Ben-Ezhar Bengal Cats United Kingdom
Bengad Bengals United Kingdom
Blissnmore Bengals United Kingdom
ByeZira Bengals United Kingdom
ByeZira Bengals United Kingdom
Chataya Bengals United Kingdom
Dalkeith United Kingdom
Esanes United Kingdom
Fairislebanks United Kingdom
FineCats United Kingdom
Gaylee Bengal United Kingdom
Jentoria United Kingdom
Jesmewlan Bengals United Kingdom
kelsar United Kingdom
Leopardspots Bengals United Kingdom
Nevaeh Bengals United Kingdom
Nevaeh Bengals Cattery

United Kingdom

Nevaeh Bengals are 3 generations of hobby breeders, breeding high quality Bengal cats in the South of England. Our Bengal kittens are bred from stunning brown spotted Bengal cats with glitter and rosettes.
website   email
Nordiquestar Bengals United Kingdom
Queen Anne Cats United Kingdom
Rushbrooke United Kingdom
Sarikakings Bengals United Kingdom
Shonar United Kingdom
Silverstorm Bengals United Kingdom
slavess United Kingdom
Snowbright Bengals United Kingdom
StarShower United Kingdom
Starwinds Bengals United Kingdom
Sunshimmerbengals United Kingdom
Terrachi Bengals United Kingdom
Zawadi Bengals United Kingdom
Bagheera/MillCreek USA Alabama
Bengal Companions USA Alabama
Lazy Days Bengals USA Alabama
14KaratBengal USA Arizona
Amiri Exotics USA Arizona
EmberGlo Bengals USA Arizona
Jinipenda USA Arizona
Sonoran Bengals USA Arizona
Thomwren USA Arizona
Stardusted Bengals USA Arkansas
Stardusted Bengals USA Arkansas
Wild Trax Exotics USA Arkansas
Absolute Angels USA California
Acoco Dream Bengals USA California
Amantra Bengals USA California
Bali Hai Bengals USA California
Beechwood Bengals USA California
EnchantedTails Bengal Cats USA California
Katchick's Bengals USA California
Liyapard USA California
Pocket Leopards Bengals USA California
Royal Bengals USA California
Serrano Bengals and Savannahs USA California
Solana Ranch Bengals USA California
BBBengals USA Colorado
JC Bengals USA Colorado
KizerKatz USA Colorado
Lunakatz USA Colorado
Cozy Country Bengal USA Connecticut
carool USA Delaware
Alirose USA Florida
Alirose Bengals USA Florida
Asianleopard USA Florida
Bearbrook Bengals USA Florida
Bengal Springs USA Florida
Bengal Springs USA Florida
BluewaterBengals USA Florida
Callista Bengals USA Florida
DarkMoon USA Florida
DarkMoon Bengals USA Florida
Destiny Bengals USA Florida
Dreampaws Bengals USA Florida
Drinkwater USA Florida
East Coast Bengals USA Florida
Etché Bengals of Florida USA Florida
Fascats USA Florida
Imaginique Bengals USA Florida
Missy's Bengals of central Florida USA Florida
MooreBengals USA Florida
Prowler Bengals USA Florida
Roseys Bengals Orlando USA Florida
Sans Souci Bengals USA Florida
Satinwood Bengals USA Florida
Savannah River Bengals USA Florida
Sunapee Breeders USA Florida
The Purrfect Spot USA Florida
Tropics Bengals USA Florida
Tuminello Exotics USA Florida
Zawieco Bengal USA Florida
A Belrouge Bengal Cat Cattery


Belrouge Bengal Kittens are from Supreme Grand Champion lines, hand raised, leopard spots, wild faces, sweet pursonalities. Show/Breeders/Pets. TICA registered. Will ship. Contract with health guarantee. Visit us in Atlanta or at www.belrouge.com. 770-390-9772
website   email
Belrouge Bengals USA Georgia
Boyds Bengals USA Georgia
Heavenly Spots USA Georgia
Heavenly Spots USA Georgia
Xquisites Bengal Cats in GA USA Georgia
Absolutely Bengals USA Idaho
Moire Dreams Bengals USA Idaho
Wyld Illuzion Bengals & Sokokes USA Idaho
Amerikatz USA Illinois
Cazpurr Bengals USA Illinois
Fastpaws Bengals USA Illinois
Legacie Bengals USA Illinois
Ubasti Bengals USA Illinois
Willow Creek Farmz USA Illinois
DazzleKatz Bengals USA Indiana
Velvet Thunder USA Indiana
Bellagio Bengals USA Iowa
Iowa Bengal Babyz USA Iowa
Kutabays USA Iowa
Bengal Blessings USA Kansas
Noahs Clark Cats USA Kansas
Sovranty USA Kansas
Allaglow Bengals USA Kentucky
Bamboo Bengals USA Kentucky
BraveHeart Bengals USA Kentucky
Dimondcatz USA Kentucky
KyBengalBabyz USA Kentucky
Leopard Lore Bengals USA Kentucky
Vallicatz Bengals USA Kentucky
AraBella USA Louisiana
Bambusa Forest USA Louisiana
Bodcau Bayou Bengals USA Louisiana
Cajun Bengals USA Louisiana
oceelot bengal USA Louisiana
PatzMeow USA Louisiana
Aladon USA Maine
Boulder Ridge Bengals USA Maine
Magandaka USA Maine
Babbling Bengals USA Maryland
Medoz Bengals USA Maryland
Witchinghour Bengals USA Maryland
Amewsing Bengals USA Massachusetts
Aristicats Bengals USA Massachusetts
ABEO Bengals USA Michigan
Artistry Cats USA Michigan
Asiagold Bengals USA Michigan
AuroraLights Bengals USA Michigan
Hot Spotz Bengals USA Michigan
Secret Spot Bengals USA Michigan
Wild Whiskers USA Michigan
Elkridge Bengals USA Minnesota
Exotica Bengals USA Minnesota
SpiritSong Bengals USA Minnesota
Spotogold Bengals USA Minnesota
Asaalah Bengals USA Missouri
BaileysPride USA Missouri
Bengalbeauty USA Missouri
Couture Cats USA Missouri
Kharistan USA Missouri
Raganwood Bengals USA Missouri
WildIsle Bengals USA Missouri
Country Critters Cats USA Montana
Sunbright Cats USA Montana
The Cheetah's Den USA Montana
Alibris Catz USA Nabraska
Bengals of Vegas USA Nevada
Kajari Bengals USA Nevada
A1 Savannahs USA New Hampshire
Klassik Bengals USA New Hampshire
CarnivalBengals USA New Jersey
Silvercore Bengals USA New Jersey
Spotacular Bengals USA New Jersey
Shabeel Bengals USA New Mexico
Cedarwood USA New York
Fazziobear Bengals USA New York
Nahanni Bengals USA New York
Northern Lights Bengals USA New York
Purrrmotors Bengals USA New York
Savannahcatz USA New York
Silver Bengal Kittens USA New York
X Marx Z Spot USA New York
Alexander Bengals USA North Carolina
Blueridgexotics USA North Carolina
Hampton Bengals USA North Carolina
Hampton Bengals USA North Carolina
Meridian USA North Carolina
Solarity Bengals USA North Carolina
Spots Walkin' Wild USA North Carolina
Tailspin Bengals USA North Carolina
Aszarazsa Bengals USA Ohio
Cataristocrat USA Ohio
Hilltop Bengals USA Ohio
Phantasy Cats USA Ohio
Purr-L-Harbor USA Ohio
Beaux Mondes Bengals USA Oklahoma
NewHorizon Bengals USA Oklahoma
RedEarth Bengals USA Oklahoma
Matahari Bengals USA Oregon
Clover Bottom Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Fuzzy Love Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Gangesexoticcats USA Pennsylvania
Indian Creek Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Indiancreek Bengals USA Pennsylvania
It's Tabu USA Pennsylvania
JMJunglePaws USA Pennsylvania
Leopard Lane USA Pennsylvania
Nibiru Bengals USA Pennsylvania
RiverPalms Bengals USA Pennsylvania
TouchGold Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Tribal Dance Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Wahida Bengals USA Pennsylvania
Wee Little Cats Bengals USA Pennsylvania
AsiaRoseXotics USA South Dakota
Belladonna Bengals USA Tennessee
Bokavi USA Tennessee
DiCaprio Bengals USA Tennessee
Enchanted Kits Bengals USA Tennessee
Paradise Cove Bengals USA Tennessee
Sadies Bengals USA Tennessee
Treasure Trove Bengals USA Tennessee
Acappella Bengals USA Texas
Chalk Mountain Bengals USA Texas
Cheetahsden Texas USA Texas
Cheetahsden Texas USA Texas
Clarkstone Bengals USA Texas
Double D Bengals USA Texas
Indivia Bengals USA Texas
Jabari Bengals USA Texas
Kattitude Bengals USA Texas
Kattitude Bengals USA Texas
Katznjamr Bengal USA Texas
Moonshadow Kittens USA Texas
Mystre Bengal's USA Texas
Pawstruk USA Texas
Sandalwood Bengals USA Texas
Spot O'Luck USA Texas
Spotagious Bengals USA Texas
Spotted Fever Bengals USA Texas
StarGlitter Bengals USA Texas
Tejas Bengals USA Texas
Texas Star Bengals USA Texas
Unique Prints USA Texas
Wildonspots USA Texas
Bengal Garden USA Utah
Lake Mountain Bengals USA Utah
Saris Bengal Cats USA Utah
Excalibur Xotics USA Virginia
RugThugs USA Virginia
Spotswood Bengals USA Virginia
Cheetahsden Bengals Northwest USA Washington
Dreamquest Bengals USA Washington
SkyeHi Bengals USA Washington
Swazibengals USA Washington
Tough and Mighty Bengals USA Washington
Whidbey Bengals USA Washington
Marechal USA West Virginia
Trendar USA West Virginia
WickRun USA West Virginia
Amunra USA Wisconsin
Dreamhaven Bengals USA Wisconsin
Leopard Fuzz Bengals USA Wisconsin
SpottedPaws USA Wisconsin