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Abyssinian 90

American Bobtail 15

American Curl 55

American Polydactal 11

American Shorthair 14

American Wirehair 2

Asian 6

Australian Mist 11

Australian Tiffanies 5

Balinese 35

Bambino 4

Bengal 343

Birman 154

Bombay 17

Brazilian Shorthair 2

British Shorthair 339

Burmese 71

Burmilla 21

Chantilly/Tiffany 1

Chartreux 3

Chausies 1

Cornish Rex 50

Cymric 4

Desert Lynx 9

Devon Rex 46

Egyptian Mau 15

European Burmese 10

Exotic Shorthair 248

Foldex 4

Havana Brown 7

Highland Lynx 9

Highlander 15

Himalayan 245

Japanese Bobtail 9

Javanese 4

Jungle Curl 1

Korat 21

Kurilian Bobtail 9

LaPerm 23

Maine Coon 510

Manx 18

Minskin 1

Munchkin 41

Napoleon 14

Norwegian Forest Cat 88

Not listed 3

Ocicat 23

Oriental Longhair 6

Oriental Shorthair 79

Persian 672

Peterbald 19

Pixie-Bob 42

Polydactyl 8

RagaMuffin 15

Ragdoll 407

Russian Blue 40

Safari 3

Savannah 106

Scottish Fold 81

Selkirk Rex 44

Serengeti 3

Serval 3

Siamese 165

Siberian Cat 200

Singapura 16

Skookum 1

Snow-Bob 4

Snowshoe 4

Sokoke 5

Somali 15

Sphynx 232

Thai Cats 6

Thai Lilac 1

Tibetan Cats 3

Tonkinese 21

Toyger 6

Traditional Siamese 17

Turkish Angora 23

Turkish Van 20

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Siberian Cat catteries

number of catteries 200
ChrisCrash Australia New South Wales
Sunrise Siberians Australia New South Wales
Chaynikoty Australia Queensland
Miakoschka Cattery


We are the founding breeder of the wonderful Siberian cat in Australia. I have spent many hours in research and importing new lines into our country to help create a diverse gene pool. As well as promoting the breed and instigating the new breeders we have here now. The Siberian cat is gaining popularity here and the interest is great to
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Sonshanley Australia Queensland
WhiteGold Australia South Australia
MissSib Belgium
Nevabesh Belgium
Tajoshny Belgium
Bendida's Bulgaria
Sibirela Bulgaria
Svetlana Canada Alberta
Murlyka Siberian Canada British Columbia
Salway Canada British Columbia
Purrshka Canada Manitoba
Bravada Siberians Canada Ontario
Ellinnet Siberians Canada Ontario
Iceforest Siberians Canada Ontario
Mindeelyn Canada Ontario
Niagara Siberians Canada Ontario
Siberian Cats Canada Canada Ontario
Martin Siberians Canada Quebec


Neva Masquerade & Traditional Siberians Kittens available! Hypoallergenic* Siberian cat *There are claims that this cat breed is hypoallergenic and produces less Fel d1 than other cat breeds. However, Von Kopp Aristocats will never give any guaranty of this type to their new kitten owners.
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Love of Prague.cz Czech Republic
Siberian Heart Czech Republic
Wild Taiga Czech Republic
DK Lendal Denmark
DK Meldgaards Denmark
DK-Nelius Denmark
Meldgaards Denmark
Amante's Finland
Fin*Balladin Finland
chatterie DES DOLGANS France
Iaromira France
Panthera Tigris France
Arctic Shadows Germany
Batyjewo´s Germany
Catstone Nevas Germany
Couchrockers Germany
du Palais d'Hiver Germany
Ilyasmin Germany
Iz Ermitage Germany
Lomonossw Germany
Neva Cat Germany
Sibirientaigas Germany
Snowknight Germany
vom Ohlenberg Germany
Snowy Paws Cattery


We are a greek cattery, specialized in breeding Siberian and Neva Masquerade cats with fine russian blood lines. Our cats have a wonderful temperament since they are part of our family and live with us at home. We can ship kittens from Athens airport if necessary.
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Frozen Field of Siberians Hungary
Raszputyin Hungary
Taiga Fairytale Hungary
Forest Charm Israel
Abakan's Siberian cat Italy
Impero Siberiano Italy
Moskva Siberian Italy
Koordes Netherlands
Benirina Netherlands
Berestneva Netherlands
Caitha Joithi Netherlands
Fluffy Stars Netherlands
from Lihdanfurt Netherlands
Le Petit Chebbelas Netherlands
Nevamiya Netherlands
Newskaja Maskeradnaja Netherlands
of the Siberian Cats Netherlands
Song de Chine Netherlands
von Mittelmeijer Netherlands
Cat of Kywys New Zealand
Cats of Kywy's New Zealand
Seacliffe Siberians New Zealand
Whimsical Siberians New Zealand
Asoras Norway
Cirkumpolare Norway
Gaupekatten`s Norway
Śnieżny Urwis*PL Poland
Cherubino Poland
Czar Północy *PL Poland
Diva Siberia Poland
Dzikie Serce*PL Poland
Felin Rive*Pl Poland
Marcowe Migdaly*PL Poland
Catlar Russia
Charoit Russia
Dauria Russia
Formula Uspekha*RUS Russia
Knyaz Gvidon Russia
Maris Stella Russia
NevasLegend Russia
Nord Grace Russia
Nord Grace Russia
Shajur- Adamant Russia
Sibaris Russia
Taurus Russia
Velikii Ohotnik Russia
Viva la vita*RU Russia
Zvezda Severa Russia
Matreshka Singapore
Artekatz siberians South Africa
Kali-Katz South Africa
SiestaDream Spain
S*Stimics Sweden
skogsfrun Sweden
Russian Gold Switzerland
Chersi Ukraine
Zaimka Ukraine
Catreba United Kingdom
Katyenka United Kingdom
Mia Kira United Kingdom
Musrafy United Kingdom
Snowgum United Kingdom
Kender USA Arizona
Kender's Siberian Cats USA Arizona
Prekrasne USA Arizona
The Magic Box Siberian USA Arkansas
A Siberian Angel USA California
Los Gatos USA California
Pumaridge Siberian Cats USA California
Two Comrade Siberians USA California
Charodey USA Colorado
Jewels of Siberia USA Colorado
MyKoshka USA Colorado
Symphony USA Colorado
Vaselyok USA Colorado
A Ct Rose USA Connecticut
Jaban Siberian USA Florida
Kravchenko USA Florida
Croshka USA Georgia
Mystic Melody USA Georgia
Obravo Siberians USA Georgia
Siberian Dynasty USA Idaho
Oxsana Siberians USA Illinois
Sibano Siberians USA Illinois
UnderPolaris USA Illinois
Willow Creek Farmz USA Illinois
Cica USA Indiana
Archibald USA Iowa
Archibald Siberians USA Iowa
Chimneyhouse Kittens USA Iowa
Jyntico USA Iowa
Amazing Siberian USA Louisiana
Sibirskiy USA Louisiana
Angara Siberians USA Massachusetts
Artistry Cats USA Michigan
Kitkatz USA Michigan
McFurr Siberians USA Michigan
SwameyTails Siberian Cats USA Michigan
Torrey Farm USA Michigan
Siberkatz USA Minnesota
Washta Bay Siberians USA Minnesota
Big Sky Siberian Katz USA Montana
Moi Koshki USA Nabraska
Sineglazka USA Nevada
BranchRiver USA New Hampshire
Kings Choice Siberians USA New Hampshire
Kirigami Siberian Cats USA New Jersey
Usta Siberians USA New Jersey
Ablaze Sunbeam Siberian Cats USA New York
AbsoluteLay USA New York
ForestWind Siberians Cattery


New York
Sweethearts... Siberian kittens in rare colors. Healthy, loving, and playful. Never caged... always loved, our Siberian kittens bring a little more love into your life!
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Jasper Ridge USA New York
Kiburi's Siberian Cats USA New York
Newriver USA North Carolina
Kuvik USA Ohio
Malishka USA Ohio
Moonandstarkatz USA Ohio
Nikarl USA Ohio
BirchGrove USA Oregon
FamilyCats USA Oregon
Glorious Siberians USA Oregon
Kotchera USA Oregon
Lundberg USA Oregon
TransSiberie USA Oregon
Keitta Siberians USA Pennsylvania
Sugar Run Siberians USA Pennsylvania
KatyMcFurr USA Tennessee
Astera USA Texas
Kotyonok USA Texas
Pendraig Siberian Cats USA Texas
Siberian Cats of America USA Texas
SolaceFarm USA Texas
Von Leibchens USA Texas
Forest Tsar USA Utah
Umber Lights USA Vermont
Blue Ridge USA Virginia
Blueridge USA Virginia
Joys Hope USA Virginia
Nevaland Siberians USA Virginia
Regal Siberian USA Virginia
Regal Siberian USA Virginia
Regal Siberian USA Virginia
Siberian Love USA Washington
Tormodkot USA Washington
White Nights USA Washington
Garden Gate USA Wisconsin
Miranova USA Wisconsin